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  1. Hi ive read a thread talking about if you can add flavor to your weed, kind of ages ago. but still ive been doing some thinking and i have thought too myself.. when i just harvest my plant while it is drying can i like.. put the tinyest drops of real strawberry juice onto the bud and let it dry. will it taste like strawberryies.... and another one was, if i water the plant with flavored volic water near harvest will the plant turn out flavored or will it mash up the plant?.. just a thought (buyd: was ment to be bud but was stoned when i typed this)
  2. That seems crazy to me man! I would never want to ruin my beautifull gems with an added outside flavour right on a trimmed bud. It is one thing if you try to improve upon the flavoring with adding something to the food regime, but to me putting flavoring on the outside of a harvested flower is just wrong in my opinion. But if your flowers are that nasty, then to each his own!
  3. NO NO NO and NO. What you might try, if you have a plant thats not doing so good and will have a small yield anyway, I've hard if you inject a plant with a syrenge it grows with whatever, I heard that's a way of lacing bud.... (ugh) but if you did it with flavoring near harvest it MIGHT taste like it..... but make sure everything is sterilized with alcohol first, or you will be injecting bacteria right below your buds... and get bud rot.
  4. You mean like watering it with this?
  5. im curious about diff methods of adding flavor to your weed too, anyone else have any input??
  6. dr hornsbys sweet leaf is an organic taste and aroma enhancer on the cutting edge...

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