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  1. Ok so everybodys heard the crazy names blueberry yum yum lemon kush ETC. Well ive acctually smkoked bud called lemon kush and acctually smelled and slightly tasted of lemon. Im just wondering if anybody knows how this happens is the strain breed like that or is something added to the curing process or when the plants are growing im really curious.:smoking::confused:
  2. All in the genetics and phenotypes there brother.
  3. i just dont see how the characteristics of one plant can get put into the other one buy the strain??? but thanks anyway
  4. Well what do you not understand?
  5. just like us, pollen from dad meets pistol? in mom amd genetics from both are there. i could go into detail about genetics and stuff but it gets confusing
  6. i've read that you can make your buds taste like something right from the start, you put concentrated lemon juice for example in with the water. then there are ways to do it with curing too.
  7. carbs and many things can expand the flavor of your ladies. But not "flavoring"
  8. well man then you need to do some researching. Sorry i could help u out really
  9. When I was smoked blueberry after fifteen minutes I was filed raspberries/strawberries taste and its smell like the same.I am not sure but Creeper has main part of it where we give that fruit smell and taste.It was yummy.
  10. Genetics man .You had enough skunk seeds you could prob find just bout anything.taste wise
  11. indeed . its genetics.
  12. I have a plant dats in flowering stage,smells just like oranges n I havent added nothing.genetics!!
  13. very nice do you have pics?
  14. Bud Candy, Flora Nectar, Sweet.
  15. yea man mine smell like a skunk like a stright up skunk like the exact smell you can smell them about 2 feet away andd their only about 2 feet tall!!:hello:

  16. many products , buts thats exactly what i was talking about :)
  17. Well i have a plant the smells kinda like old shoes. beat that. haha
  18. an hour {or 2}before cutting{outdoor} i pour fruit juice into the roots {apple,orange whatever , even done wine once} the plant sucks it up , i cut it and the flowers keep a slight fruit taste and smell that stays when dry
  19. yep gotta agree - i was given some seeds grew the plant , looked it up , this one was correctly named citral - after trimming the room was filled with a a sweet,candy lemon/orange smell - all i did was grow from seed ,used nutes and water ,nothing special nothing added -
  20. i add white grapejuice to get more a fruity flavour :p

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