adding CO2 to indoor setup

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Crabmando, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Room is ready for CO2 and really looking forward to that addition. Hoping yield increases like I have been told it would. Not in a place where bi_ weekly trips with tanks is going to work so have been looking into burners set up thru propane tank. Looking for feedback or advice regarding burner use! Grow On!
  2. Unless you have everything dialed in correctly, have the relevant security tools situated, and have the cash and time to commit to this effort are fucked from moment one!
    Way to many cfl kiddies running C02 in there home closet, get your shit together like no other ...!
    Well, I have to admit that when you're not around, I sure do miss you. Welcome back my friend.

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