Adding CFLs to my 150w hps

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by radi, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hi, Im running a 2x2x4 closet only with 150w hps but i want to add some CFLs. My method is 12/12 from seed.

    I want to add them because i want to use only the CFLs till i see the sex in my second grow.

    And i want to add the CFLs to the 150w hps in the flowering after i see the sex and transplant the plants.

    So CFLs = Till they show sex / CFLs + 150w Hps = After they show sex. Its almost 250w in flowering.

    What do you think about this? Are 4 23w CFLs enough? And the CFLs are 2700k for flowering right?

  2. you could actually use 100W worth of CFLs(6500K) + HPS all throughout the grow. The plant begins to go into flowering as soon as you start the 12/12 cycle. 6500K and HPS(2200K ?) will give the plant a nice mixed spectrum. And how many plants are you growing? generally 100W for first plant and 60W for every other plant, but you will need to keep the CFLs close to the plant for them to be effective.

    Also, what are your current temps? I am planning to add a 250W HPS to my setup(2x3x3), but the temp raise bothers me. Could you measure and post the temp just beside the hps bulb? sorry for adding my questions to your thread. :eek:
  3. No problem, its great to change knowledge.

    Since im using 12/12 from seed i can fit more plants, i have 10 sprouts now. Maybe getting 5 females.

    With the 150w hps, 1 little fan blowing directly to the lamp and an 10 cm exhaust my temperatures are 77/78. This measure is taken from the plant, its 16 inches of the lamp because they are seedlings.

    But its very cold now, temps drop 10º during dark period. In the summer i have to put more fans for sure to keep this temps.

    This week im still gonna add 2 PC fans venting into the box to get the sprouts closer.

    Ok so even if im flowering the mix spectrum its better right, i'll get them closer and maybe on the sides.

  4. I'd get another 150w HPS and work on the ventilation.


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