Adding a carb?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by stay baked, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. isnt that a 1 hitter
  2. What he said ^^^^ :hello::smoke:

  3. Idk its got a decent sized bowl i can hit it like 12 times in one pack mabey more lol.
  4. it isn't supposed to have a carb its basicly a big ass 1 hitter

  5. but it be cool so you woudnt have to pass it filled with smoke and uncleared.
  6. well if you try and drill a hole in it it's gonna implode fyi
  7. It looks like a chillum to me.
    If you try and drill a hole in it, it will probably break.
  8. its a chillum.

    thats thin glass. dont try to drill it.

  9. This^^^^ that pipe isn't supposed to have a carb
  10. yeah, its not supposed to have a carb bro
  11. thats 12 hits ????
  12. It's a chillum bro, I have a small one and it's a nice alternative to a spoon.
  13. what he said!
    dont F with it, chillums dont have carbs there meant to be lit and stay lit, just pass it faster and the smoke wont go stail haha
  14. cool chillum. i bet it will turn some cool colors.

  15. Oh for real? how many times does it need to be smoked outa to change?

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