Adding 1/4 dose Nutes during watering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WildIdaho, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Does anybody add nutes in with there watering cycle in soil during flower? I water once and feed once a week and I had a buddy tell me I could add a 1/4 dose base nutes and bloom enhancers in the last few weeks.
    Just was wondering how everyone felt on this topic and what they do or how much nutes or enhancers they use with watering day
  2. I add half of what I originally add of nitrogen based nutes until week four of flowering, and I add nutes every other watering
  3. so first 4 weeks your saying you do 1 normal feed and 1 "watering" with half nutes (Nitrogen) each week? So for me My base nute A) NPK is 4-0-4 and my B) base nute NPK is in this case you would use half of base nute A during the watering cycle and full B??.. and then in 3 days your adding full nutes again and then back to watering with 1/2 a nutes and full b for first 4 weeks? Or did I mess that all up ha. Let me know
  4. Come on fellas help a brother out ha! when watering every 3 days,once with nutes and once with plain water..does anyone add small amount of nutes to plain water? Anyone?
  5. No I add half my normal dose of nitrogen nutes anytime I'm in flower so say if my normal dose is 2 tsp I'd add 1 instead and I do that every other watering until week 4 of flower

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