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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Karma, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. I want this to be discussed a little. This is for the people who have a fair amount of experience with smoking/being high. Now that being said doesn't mean people with less experience are prohibited from posting. Now that that is done...

    Addiction- is a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity. The term is often reserved for drug addictions but it is sometimes applied to other compulsions, such as problem gambling, pornography, and compulsive overeating. Factors that have been suggested as causes of addiction include genetic, biological/pharmacological and social factors. (as defined by wikipedia)

    Everyone who knows anything about cannabis knows that it isn't physically addicting, but is it in any other sense? I'm sure at one point or another at least a few fellow blades have asked themselves if they were addicted to pot. I obviously have. Each time I consider topic I reach a relatively familiar question; is the desire to smoke a need or a want. It is on this basis which I measure myself. No I'm too concerned, I believe my smoking practices are safe and responsible.

    At Least Read This
    Now I didn't make this topic for the comfort of my mind, or for someone to console me and tell me I'm not addicted. But I would like to know your thoughts about the topic; what is an addiction?, how does one diagnose one?, what feelings about/with pot could lead to one? Any thoughts at all about the topic are welcome, I'd really like to hear other peoples thoughts/opinions. Thank you for reading.
  2. Wikapida is wrong IMHO. Wonder how much cash th gov has in that.

    Addiction ls physical. You will steal, beg, or ho for 5$ to get fixed. Nay it be crack, java, cigs, food, sex, alchol....ect.

    Sure did leave out pot. Cause it's not addictive.
  3. Maybe not for you but I'm addicted to weed. No question about it. I hate when I don't have it. I'm irritable among many other things. I just plan on growing to never run out. If I don't have weed, I try to find a way to get some.
  4. you sir are not addicted. your mind is dependt on it (meaning dbeing dependt on it is when you mentally belive you need it. you dont break into sweat because you dont have it. ) you just merely have told yourself that life is way better with it (it probablly is but still doesnt mean your addicted. addiction is when the body NEEDS it not your mind.
  5. I'm addicted to caffeine but I don't break out into sweat when I don't have it. You can have a mental addiction and not be physically dependent.

    Addiction Potential:
    Regular use of cannabis can lead to psychological habituation for some people making it difficult for them to quit. Studies have estimated that between 5 and 10% of those who try smoking cannabis will become daily users sometime during their life, but most of these smokers will have given up the habit by age 30 and few remain daily smokers after age 40. Most people do not experience signs of physical addiction, but with regular daily use use, mild to medium withdrawal symptoms usually occur for less than a week, but can extend for as long as 6 weeks

    May not be a serious addiction but don't sound to sure of yourself. When I don't have it I have withdrawal, usually harder to sleep and as I said my attitude.
  6. There's no problem with your guilty pleasures (in this case, Mary Jane) I have the choice not to do it anymore, yet i do it regardless of what peers, parents, or anyone else tells me, I would say I'm a little addicted, I do it on a weekly basis, and when I'm extra busy only once a month, but it's not harming anyone so I don't care.
  7. Awesome thread first and foremost.

    Second, I think that it depends on how you "use" pot. Some recreationally smoke, others use it as a stress reliever, some for medicinal reasons. But because i smoke pot to level out (not be high strung or stressed or angry), and only feel completely eased when i'm stoned, i'd say that i'm addicted. I can't sleep at night if i'm not stoned, i'm irritable, but does that mean that i physically need mj to cope with this?

    Addiction is a very loose term. Prefix it with mental or physical.

    So i guess the question we should be asking is : Can you physically be addicted, or is it all just in your head?
  8. Erowid defines addiction in the following way:

    <blockquote>Physical addiction occurs when a chemical
    becomes essential for the body or metabolism to function. In other
    words, a substance is said to be physically addictive if extended
    use results in a build up of tolerance in the body to the extent
    that discontinuing use of the substance results in negative side
    effects. Called "withdrawal symptoms," these consequences can
    include anxiety, stress, trauma, depression and physical conditions
    such as shakes or nausea. It is to avoid these consequences that
    an addict will keep using his or her substance.</blockquote>

    For all those who are going to right off say "Weed isn't addictive, blah blah blah"... I hate to tell you, but you're wrong. MJ is addictive, whether you like it or not -- and not just mentally, but PHYSICALLY as well. You may now be thinking "Oh great... This guy's fucking stupid... Let me go pull out pro-pot links A, B, C and D to prove him wrong)... Believe it or not, there's pro-pot propaganda, just as there is anti-pot propaganda, and one of the most commone myths in the pro-pot prop. is that MJ isn't in the least physically addictive...

    Onward... It's widely known that heavy MJ smokers, upon stopping abruptly, DO show signs of withdrawl... These include: anxiety, stress, difficulty sleeping, depression, and difficulty eating/nausea to name a few... These are physical withdrawl symptoms, no? This isn't your mind telling you you need MJ... It's your body reacting to an abrupt stop in your consumption of a drug.

    Now, before everyone gets all pissy... I'm not saying MJ's a SUPER addictive/dangerous drug... Please try to keep in mind that there are varying levels of addiction... Some things are only mildly addictive, while others are extremely addictive.

    I believe a person can be said to be addicted to pot when said person experiences withdrawl symptoms when they don't have it. If you can stop smoking cold-turkey, and have no physical effects from this stop, you're not addicted...
  9. ANYTHING can be mentally addictive if you like it enough. If you constantly desire to be high, so much so that its almost intolerable to not be high, then I would say you are developing a mental addiction. Pretty much all drugs will have this effect on a person if they like the drug and continue to use. A lot of drugs are physically addictive as well (usually chemicals) although so far THC does not appear to be. A severe mental addiction is possibly as bad or worse than a physical addiction.

    If you believe you are becoming addicted to anything, its wise to stop doing it for a while. Get it out of your life for a little while (week, month, whatever) and just show yourself that you can live without it, and that the world does not revolve around getting high. As much as we love our plant, we have to be responsible with it because just like nicotine, coke, and alcohol, weed is a drug.

    I didnt think I was addicted to weed in any way, until I got on probation. During the first couple months, I had quit and started smoking again at least 10 different times. This led to failed tests, jail time, and eventually rehab. I am actually glad that I got to experience everything I did because it helped to open my eyes and showed me that it doesnt have to be a necessary item in my life - which I believe now helps me to enjoy it recreationally.
  10. true that. (to cottons)

    i really don't think you can be addicted to food though, thats just a lame excuse for fat useless people.
  11. I can safely say i am addicted to weed
  12. I think addiction to marijuana is similar to craving a type of food, or wanting to go out on the town everyday. If I needed to, i could never smoke pot again, but i dont want to stop, because i like being high. If i was addicted to heroin, and i stopped smoking, my body would become physically sick, and it'd be horrible. That, is what i think an addiction is, a physical need for something. you cant say youve never seen a person fiending for a cigarette, but you can say youve never seen anyone fiending for some weed, (and i mean physically fiending, not "shit, i wish i could be high right now")
  13. I just think it's funny that I know what I'm saying, I have a addictive personallity and people are trying to tell me I don't.
  14. I'm addicted to weed. I don't function without it.
  15. I am addicted to pot. But I do not abuse pot. There is a huge difference between addiction and abuse.
  16. The best example:

    I was addicted to oxycodone for a year. Stopping that for atleast a day was literally like living in a child's asshole.

    Ive been smoking weed everyday for two years straight. Stopping that for a month just makes me moody and the first few nights I cant sleep.

    Ive been addicted to both substances, and let me tell you, my marijuana addiction doesnt even COMPARE to what my oxycodone addiction was.
  17. I have... Believe it or not...
  18. Mentally I definetely have dependance on marijuana, and I also think that when I don't have herb which is very rare that I get antsy and snappy. I don't know if this is a mind fuck or an actual physical withdrawl symptom. but I do know that when I don't have it Im not the same.... I puff several times a day and have for a few yrs. Imnot saying that I shit on myself and puke everywhere or its like an opiate withdraw but i do think there are light withdraw "vibes". I think there are very light physical symptoms when ur body becomes accustom to a chemical and does not recieve that chem anymore.
  19. ok yes im addicted,i hate not having weed.

    I used to steal, yet that was more for the thrill of jacking people and stuff,mad adrenline, and tons and tons of bad kharma. I got put into military school, and got cut off cold turky cigs pot everything, after the first moth i got used to it, yet i still knew i would smoke when i got out, stole one more time, then got arrested on an unrelated posession charge(kharma). now i have not stolen for quite some time, i am good, i have spent alot of money on weed, yet it had been my hard earned money.
    I am now saving money to get my card and will work it where i can smoke cheaply and leagally. I learned my lesson, You steal and you will get stolen from.

    i hate myself for it, and can only move on and not steal.
    its probably more complicated on why i like to get high, and i am very eligble for a medical card so i need to get in gear and do that.
    one 20 bag of weed cost me 1000 dollars in fines.

    peace and love

  20. ive both stolen and begged... so I guess by YOUR standards, pot IS addictive.

    I was young when I stole, but I still often beg from my mother :D

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