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Addiction NYC Sells fakes ROORS!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mabee, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. I recently visited my Friend who had bought a new Roor beaker bong. Everything on the bong looked good expect for one thing...the signature. It came with the common dotted signature around the joint piece. He told me that he talked to the owner or person who sold it to him on the phone and that he replied that all the Roors in their shop carry that signature or all the ones that he has seen in his life. My friend has not used it yet but is hoping he can make a exchange for something else worth 200 dollars. Please get the word out and if you know this store and bought from this store on 27 st. marks ny then please let the store know that YOU know next time making a roor purchase there.
  2. The only good glass they have their is all of their heady stuff, everything else is worthless.
  3. do you think the guy who sold it will exchange it to him for something or equal price cause hes freaking out that he got robbed. what can he do?
  4. Honestly I dont think tehy will take it back or exchange it, but its worth a shot.
    If he cant do either of those, then he should either
    -keep it, because im sure it hits similar to a Roor and has a similar style if he couldnt tell it was a fake in the store
    -find someone that will buy it for slightly less then what he paid, unless someone agrees on the sticker price.

    Not much else ya could do but keep it or pawn it off.
  5. try and if he says no then there is always stand outside and tell everyone that they are fake and how im sure that will hurt business and what he going to call the police yes nothing attracts a stoner more than a headshop with cops so he will exchange because hell he can sell that fake to another person for the same amount

    EDIT: and if he really thinks its real then im sure he would exchange it because he will think he is getting a a real roor for a cheaper bong
  6. Should have just bought a PURE straight or something if he was getting China glass either way. I got one for $100 and have had it for a year and a half. I've ripped nearly every style perc by all the high end companies and it's not like my lungs are too good for the PURE smoke. Roors are so overrated with what's available as far as glass today.
  7. You could threaten to inform the trademark holder about the counterfeits. ROOR could seek legal action against the shop. Knowing that they might be more inclined to make your problem go away. ;)
  8. hahaha wow that is such a great idea, how did I not think of that!?!
  9. Thats why you dont buy pieces on ST. Marks
  10. No thats why you dont look for BRAND NAME on St. Marks. They have pretty good glass at good prices, just not great quality.
  11. If you're looking for some quality glass in the city be sure to go to NY gifts. Not trying to plug or anything but they really do have a great selection at good prices.

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