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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weedculture, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. It is time for another circumstantial T-Break. I am going on vacation to the middle east in 2 days, will be there for a good month. Since I had only recently bought some weed, I decided to smoke it as fast as I can so that I can finish it before I go on holiday. (I would have to throw it out if I couldn't finish it before my flight) anyways, I surprised myself with my ability to smoke large(r) amounts, and I finished my last eighth in just a few days. As of last night, I am all out of herb, and do not plan to buy any more until I am abroad (if I can find some that is).
    Anyways, I am just wondering why I feel like shit. I feel extremely lazy, and bored, like nothing can entertain me. I don't feel like doing anything. I opened up counter strike which usually brings alot of fun when high, but now, it just made me frustrated and I closed it after 5 mins. This isnt the first time I took a break off weed, but this is the first time I have actually felt different after stopping smoking, and not in a good way. I know this wont last too long, but does this mean I am addicted to weed? If not physically, psychologically? I actually can't get to sleep easily without weed, or get anything done with motivation.
    I used to take weekly breaks between smokes regularly before summer started and feel as though absolutely nothing was missing. But now, I have gone one day without weed and I feel awful. Not physically, more-so my mood, I feel like I have become dependant on weed. But the thing is, I just got off a 11 day T-break just 2 weeks ago. But when I started smoking again, I was hitting the cheeba hard, multiple times daily, just enjoying the feeling of being high once again. I was just trying to get as high as possible after my t-break, but I think I may have fried my cannabinoid receptors and my tolerance shot right back up. Perhaps I should have started smoking a little slower after coming off my T-break to increase its effectiveness?
    Either way the reason Im posting this thread is to know if any one else has felt / feels the same way. Just the thought of the word "T-Break" now sounds like hell. 2 weeks without getting high? sounds awful, However in my mind I know that weed should be used not abused, and if I am angry at the thought of a T-Break, then maybe I am getting too dependant on weed, or is it just because I enjoy the feeling of being high, just like I enjoy the feeling of eating good food, sex and other things which bring happiness. Interested to hear some views on the topic

  2. you're probably just used t smoking so much but if i were you i wouldn't buy anything over in the middle east a lot of countries over there have very serious punishments for drugs sometimes even the death penalty.
  3. Seems to happen to me whenever I binge hard. You'll feel better physically in a day or two I'd guess. Weed CAN be psychologically addictive though, regardless of what anybody says. I've had to take a couple short breaks recently, and as far as I can tell that "moodiness" goes away after a couple of days. Just find something else to occupy your time for now. The craving may still be there for a while but it does die down substantially. After a week or two you'll be tip top again if you don't smoke. If you do, maybe ease off a bit, slow down and not smoke so much so often? Then when you have to quit for a period of time again it's alot easier. 
  4. Appreciate the reply. I definitely binged hard yesterday, I wake and baked pretty much immediately after I woke up, and smoked about 4-6 bowls during the day. It was some G13 Haze, a very strong hitting sativa dom I have found.
  5. A day of smoking strong ass sativa would wear me the hell out dude, no wonder you feel like shit.
  6. The country I am going to, I know like the back of my hand pretty much. I am originally from there, and a police force is pretty much non-existent over there. My cousin over there has already told me he can get me some hashish, but no herb since it is very rare there. He did warn me that the hashish over there leaves u with a stupid feeling after you come down - I didn't understand what he meant but he swears that it leaves u feeling retarded the day after. I am guessing the hash there is probably low grade and adulterated so I wont smoke too much (especially since its smoked with tobacco and I hate tobacco when mixed).
    The worst thing is I am actually thinking about bringing maybe like a dubsack of weed with me to enjoy with my cousin. Doesnt help that my dealer has some bomb ass lemon haze right now and I am VERY tempted. But all logic tells me that it is a terrible idea just based on the existence of a possibility of getting caught, even though the chances of being caught are quite slim (This airport has no body scanners, and the only dogs on passenger levels are bomb sniffer dogs - although they do randomly bring drug dogs this is not common). I was thinking if I did it, to just put it double or triple wrapped in some jean pocket and pack my bag, it will look in the scanner like a bit of rubbish in a pocket and a very small amount wouldn't bring suspicion. But there is definitely dogs in the luggage section so I dont really wanna risk it. Option 2: is to put it inside ur boxers/sew it inside and pray theres no dogs, because they do not touch that area in pat downs.
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