Addicted to the internet?

Discussion in 'General' started by Skurdle Skin, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. IS it possible. i think i might actually be lol. i swear all i do in my free time is go on the internet. i should be doing shit lol :bongin:
  2. Go outside man.
  3. Go have sex
  4. *gasp*
  5. Go outside and have sex man.
  6. Move to the beach.
  7. the withdrawals are horrible though
  8. have beach sex

  9. Yeah sure but when i'm home i usually have my ipad or laptop open for no reason.

    It doesn't stop me from socializing or anything though
  10. it's definitely possible. i've been addicted to the internet for...10 years now. lol.
  11. [quote name='"Blaze"']Go outside man.[/quote]

    Wrong thread lol.

    Oh and..

    Mmmmmmm Internet..
  12. iv actually been spending a lot more time on reddit lately.
  13. Step 1: Acceptance

    You're on your way. [​IMG]
  14. People actually go to treatment for it, so I'd say yes lol.

    I don't take it seriously. You can be addicted to anything these days. (probably just in denial about my own internet addiction though)
  15. Addicted to jerkin and surfing. i done real surfing once and it was better than internet surfing
  16. damn im high and this thread was funny, although i only had the power to like like 3 comments
  17. At least the internet spurs a lot of important interesting information and plus you have an variety of things to do.
  18. I like to look at it like...

    The Internet is addicted to me,
  19. Fuck it, I love my pooon on demand.

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