Addicted to drugs in general?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Howdy!

    So do you think you are addicted to any specific drugs? I don't.. but I think im just addicted to drugs in general. like i DONT like being sober one bit. If i cant find any weed, which is RARE, i would even buy heroin again even though i dont like the shit. Anyone else like this? the only drug i would never do to not be sober is alcohol, i fuckin hate the shit.
  2. myself no, but you'd rather do herion again before alcohol? really? interesting. i enjoy being sober. but i also enjoy being high, but not all the time. i like being able to function;)
  3. yes, i would do any drug before i do alcohol again. its the nastiest tasting stuff ive done, and ive done a lot.. plus puking isnt much fun.
  4. I know what you mean, i like to be fucked in someway but i have usually got some hash or else a friend does, then it's drinking every weekend , but i wouldn't go out and buy heroin just to get a quick fix, i'd quicker walk to the off licence or even buy some cigarettes.
  5. AHH! Finally someone who agrees. Alcohol is nasty! Its horrible. Being drunk has no introspective abilities, you just get obnoxious and fall a lot. Not to mention the horrible hangovers.

    I would never do heroin, but i sure as hell would do just about anything else before alcohol. Or just do nothing at all.
  6. Uhhh . . . doesn't heroin cause some vomiting? At lest the first time? Second hand knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong.

    And as for alcohol, I love it. Nothing beats the sweet feeling of 151 down your throat (Whoooo!!!). I have never puked even WHILE drunk, much less because of drinking. As for hangovers, just drink about a liter of water before bedtime and you are fine in the morning. I would never even try heroin, and I'm sorry for my bias but I think anyone saying that it "isnt that bad" is uncounciusly deluding themselves into thinking their actions arent going to harm them . . . but alcoholics do the same, so I suppose I can't talk.

    Ohh and I hate being introspective, I got to know my inner mind well enough at the age of 12, and I really haven't changed since. I just like getting messed up with a bunch of cool people, talking a lot, laughing, etc, all of which alcohol and weed are the two best drugs for in my opinion.
  7. I would never try heroin either, but damn alcohol is one good drug.

  8. no, you are totally right.. if you do too much. same with the alcohol i suppose, but with alcohol, its kinda hard for me to control once ive gotten drunk. everything starts spinning and blah... with H, once im high, i know my limits. i did puke a shit load on oxy though.
  9. i've snorted heroin quite a few times and have never puked while on it. i've gotten an upset stomach and shit but that's all

  10. I'm not addicted to any drug. I smoke pot occasionally {okay, MORE than occasionally}, but that's all. I don't even drink socially.

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