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  1. Does anyone have any experience with adderall? I've recently been diagnosed with ADD along with the rest of the planet and I'm kinda looking forward to being under a new substance. What does it feel like, and will it actually make me do my homework? I've heard its extremely easy to read also, which I have trouble doing. Tell me your thoughts/opinions/experiences.
  2. it will help u concentrate, but its not a "wonderdrug" like many parents hope for

    makes u want to focus and be interested in doing work of any sort really

    were u prescribed regular aderal or aderal XR?

    i have to take 20mg a day of aderal XR myself for it to be effective

    for starting dose, the dr will generally tend to prescribe 5 to 10mg a day, and do that for a month or so, and continue to work its way up or remain the same to find the dose thats good for u

    not sure where u live, but in california, i HIGHLY recomend getting it through mail order pharmacies if your insurance covers it

    it is based off the triple print protection or some shit(prescriptions), and in order to get a refill, the dr cant just call it in, so you have to go see the dr, get a checkup with him, and then get a refill of 1 month max if through a regular walk in pharmacy, and the dr i go to costs like $250 a visit, and thats just shitty once a month

    for my mail order pharmacy that my insurance covers, it allows me to get a 3 months supply at a time, which saves a lot over visits to the dr cause i have found my correct dose

    but, for the beginning, just see the dr every month or so to get ur dose set, and once u find the right dose for u, get a months supply of that from the dr, and if ur insurance allows it, do the mail order pharmacy for the maximum timelength they allow while u get ur initial one month supply due it tends to take 1-2 weeks alltogether to get ur prescription to your door, and if u do go that route, make sure u have a 2-3 weeks supply of your medication left when you get your refill via mail order incase there is a delay

    just my 2 cents, hope it helps u out
  3. i wouldnt do it man. if i could go back to first grade id tell my doctor to shove it. i hate being addicted to this shit, its so gay. but thats me.
  4. wow thanks SIXER, I'm not sure what my starting dose will be and I'm going to have checkups with my doctor every month.
  5. Yeah man Ive got a prescription to this stuff, altough I dont take it every single day as I have been prescribed to but rather take it at times when I feel the need to, such as test taking or guitar playing. Its actually really helpful for just about anything that requires any concentration at all and can make most boring things interesting. At first it will feel pretty cool being under this drug, but after a while the "high" feeling you got at first will slowly fade and you wont be able to feel it as much anymore...and some people use this as an excuse to up their dosage and I dont advocate this as it can cause you some unwanted problems in the end.

    Also, what kind of pills are you prescribed, the Adderall XR pills or the orange/pink tablets, and what is your dosage?
  6. Adderall works great for me, last year I stayed up all night on it once and wrote a 12 page paper in one sitting... got an A on it too :D. Its great to take just when I wake up if I know I have a ton of work to do that day.

    The downside is that when I'm on it I dont get alot of sleep, and I barely eat anything. Its great for my school work, but its also very addicting and I've read a few studies linking it to heart failure. I try not to use it that often, I might go on it for a few days leading up to a tough exam or paper. I definitely dont take it more than a week a month, so my tolerance stays pretty high.

    I've heard that the effects aren't as noticable for people who actually have ADD, but if you take enough of them you will get a buzz going.
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  7. from what i read with you though, is that you take it to abuse it(higher dose than what u are supposed to take), not for everyday use for what it is prescribed for

    yes, you can take excessive amounts and stay up all night and get a similar effect to crystal meth, but not as intense, but thats taking excessive amounts to get high

    aderal is also the most abused drug on college campuses

    if you take even the aderal XR in the morning, you will be able to sleep perfectly fine at night, i believe they are supposed to be released periodiocally for up to 12 hours, or it might be around 8-10, cant really remember the said time for it

    when i take it in the morning though, around 7:30-8ish usually, i wont get hungry and eat till around 2-3 in the afternoon, so make sure you eat a nice full breakfast in the morning cause u wont be hungry most likely till later on that day
  8. Thats true, but I still take far less than what the prescribed dosage (non time release). If I had a prescription and took the amount that doctors recomend I would probably be pulling a 4.0 gpa, while working 2 jobs. I dont enjoy being an irritable zombie all the time though.
  9. i don't know man. i have a perscription but its never really helped me. i just eat one and then instead of doing my homework i end up cleaning my room. or organizing the music on my computer. or something else.
  10. it helped one of my friends alot. Hes not the brightest, but now hes going to a pretty big university mainly because of the adderall. I take it every once and a while if i have something big to do. If i take a full 30 mg is just turn into a sweaty mess though.
  11. A friend of mine who lives accross the street started this and he says it really helps, but no offense to anyone it did help, he's a pussy. I mean a huge puss whack, he's an o.k. friend I mean he would just let you down in a heart beat. I tried it and it just made me kinda jumpy, shakey i guess. if you like that kinda thing its aight, but I like to get high and feel the opposite of what it does to me so I will just stick to pot. JOE>
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  13. i took 60mg first time thought was a medium normal dose was up for fuckin 38 hrs straight .. :(
  14. quit being a child and do your homework. being lazy is your problem not that made up bullshit A.D.D. your parents should have told you this, but this is there way out of accepting responsibility for you. you have the power to do better and you know it. take some extra time and work harder. we all are not naturally good at everything. i suck at things too, and i have to work to make myself better at them. give it an honest effort man. and dont take those fcking pills.
  15. the reason i have trouble getting my homework done is because i can't concentrate for 10 fucking seconds, not because im lazy, believe me my teacher think i do good work but they know that i can't concentrate. have some sympathy for us ADDers, man.
  16. there are true people that have ADD smart guy. i agree that it is way over diagnosed but some people have a serious problem with attention. stop generalizing and flaming people

    god i hope your banned soon.
  17. ok so my doctor started me off on 10mg of Adderall XR once in the morning. the first day i was amazed at how more focused i was, but the next day i noticed no effects at all. does anyone know why that is? do i need a higher dose? im 5'11, 160lbs and a kid half my size is on a dose 3 times as much as me.
  18. I guess your only solution is crack.
  19. i took 20mg today even though i hadn't consulted my doctor and i still felt no increased level of attentiveness...:(

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