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  1. Well i just took one 15mg offbrand adderall, and i was wondering if i wouuld even feel anything. It is my first time trying it, and i just wanted to experience it...Any comments??
  2. not really, most people it take around 20-25mgs to get off. smoking a bowl might get you feeling something but unless you're relatively small 15mgs won't do much

  3. thats what i had when i first tried it and i was pretty wired
  4. i weigh about 130 pounds so im not a big guy haha
  5. Don't expect much off 15mg, try 30-45mg next time if you want to have some fun.
  6. o then 15 should be decent for you. but i'm not entirely sure. good luck though
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    i took another 2 so im at 45mg now, now im waiting for it to kick in...
  8. I used to do 100mg xr, and im under 150lbs. Thats what it takes for a really intense high, otherwise youll just get some minor non enjoyable/noticable side effects from lower doses.
  9. it depends on how much of a tweek youre trying to get...

    im 180lbs and 15mg is what i usually take

    but i dont take it to get totally wired, i take it and still get the "speed" feeling but its like 1-2 lines of coke.
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    Keep it at 30mg for your first time.

    Drink a glass or two of OJ if you got some, you will thank me later.

    Uhhhh.... For no tolerance, THAT WILL PROBABLY KILL HIM. If he has no tolerance that can easily make him tweak the fuck out or have a heart attack.

    OP, stay low dose for now. DO NOT listen to idiots like that.
  11. atta boy but i always hate redosing because it won't be as strong as dosing them all at the same time :( the high will definitely be better then just only doing the 15mgs though
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    uhh 2 things

    - oj will make the adderall ware off faster (any acid does; citric acid, the acid in soda etc)

    -and what are you flipping out about for Tuk2 saying 100mg xr (which is a dose of 50mg instantly and 50mg 4hrs later) when you say 45mg is ok?
  13. well i know how to handle myself, and after 3 of these im not really feeling anything yet, i took them about 20m ago so they should be comin on soon. Ill fill you guys in as it comes along.

    off topic
    Anyone play F.E.A.R 2?
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    1) I already said to stay at 30mg and not dose up.
    2) Amphetamine stays active for 6-8 hours which means he will have a dose thats already:
    -20mg higher and
    -will add another 50mg while the first 50mg is still working.
    3) OP has no tolerance and he ^ is reccomending a dose over 3x what I am.

    Also the acid will help shorten it, but the reason I'm telling him to drink it is because it has glucose and other shit your body is gonna need and will help ease the comedown.

    Seeing as I've taken at least my body weight in various amphetamines in the last 3-4 years, so I am probably going to give better advice than you can.

    EDIT: OP if you aren't feeling it in the next 30 minutes go to 60mg and keep it there.
  15. yeah i know, i dont really take pills but i know how to not overdose. I am waiting for each stage to come in so i know what i can handle.
  16. OP probably would want a shortened high anyway, 8 hours is a long time and an easier comedown is always nice too. the OJ tip was probably on of the more useful ones

  17. dude i have an rx for adderall....

    i get 30 30mg XR and 30 10mg IR a month.... trust me i know adderall's effects on MY body pretty good

    if i had 30-45mg id be able to run 500 miles, if i take 15mg i am wired for a pretty long time and im 180lbs

    that 15mg helps so much at the gym lifting i cant even explain it, but i feel if i were to take 45mg i would have a freakin stroke while lifting

    and about comedowns: i used to get them really bad but i realized it was just because i was dehydrated...... now that i drink a shit load of water i NEVER get comedowns anymore

  18. yea man thats a good idea... just keep an eye on your HR, drink water and youll b good:)
  19. Ok,

    1) You have a script for them and obviously have a tolerance and need them.
    2) OP is talking about recreational doses, and I know about those better than you know yourself.

    So, STFU.

    I'm telling him to be cautious and you are telling him not to. Which sounds smarter to you?
  20. i took a 15mg like 4 or 5 hours ago, just cuz i saw it lieing around and completely forgot i had it. i just feel more awake, i didnt have a previous tolerance, and im not a huge adderall fan, gonna take a kpin soon so my comedown isnt bad.

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