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  1. ok so now i get 60 10mg ritalin prescribed for ADD. this was my first month on it. tomorrow i have an appointment with my psychiatrist to refill my scripts.

    what should i tell her to get the switch from ritalin to adderall? i mean i want it fora legit reason. it helps me with concentraion and social awkwardness (which in a sales job REALLY helps) and ritalin didnt help me too much.

    i dont care how much she gives me but i dont wanna say the wrong thing. i was gonna post this in the adderall guide but i really could use some help and didnt wanna thread jack :)
  2. quick bump.... of a 20mg XR :hello:
  3. you just answered your own question. just tell her that the ritalin isn't helping you and that you want to switch drugs. very simple. she's not going to grill you about it.
  4. Yea simply say you dont feel the ritalins gettin the job done and something stronger is in order, works everytime ;]
  5. well they just upped my ritalin to 20mg, 60 tabs and she told me to call her if it wasnt working to switch. i told her it gave me the jitters.

    if she switches me off ritalin, is there any other bullshit ADD meds that isnt methylphenidate that just plain suck? i only know of methylphenidate (ritalin) and amphetamine (adderall). i just wanna make sure i dont get stuck with something lower then ritalin.

    was "having the jitters" the right thing to say to get put on addy? i mena it is true, ritalin does make me super hyper and gives me caffine-like jitters sometimes.

    basicly i just want off this shit and get the REAL shit. i started off with "what you had me on before just wasnt strong enough" so i got my fingers crossed just hoping it will work out to be addy... lol
  6. concerta also sucks its kind of a mild version of adderall. It's not considered a street drug like adderall.
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    yup concerta sucks ass.... thats what i was on before my Dr gave me adderall

    EDIT: idk if saying Ritalin gives you the jitters was a good move.. she may think that adderall may be even worse as far as the jitters go.

    maybe be like "ive been doing research on this Ritalin and compared my symptoms with others online. They say adderall helps wonders for them" or something like that
  8. Say that the Ritalin wears off too quick and the comedown comes too quick and hits too hard.

    Say you want something that last longer... say your friend takes something called "Adirol" and apparently it works fine with no bad comdown.

    Make sure to mispronounce the name... ;]
  9. Don't tell her ritalin gives u the jitters cause Adderall is stronger then ritalin, so she will put you some bullshit med like Strattera. I used to be on Adderall and it did give me the jitters so when i told my doc she gave me straterra and that shit doesnt even work so then she gave me Metadate and now im on 30 mg Metadate daily.
  10. I actually just went throught the same thing today. I just told my doc my concerta made me feel like a zombie and that I heard adderal worked much better, He said he'd be willing to switch me to it on a Trial basis. I just took 40mg for my first time with adderal and now I'm sped the fuck up. Been on ritalin for 6 years and never felt like this. Its awesome. Sorry about the long ass post im jittering the fuck out.

  11. lol @ the long ass post part. Im suprised you didnt write more. You'll get use to the jitteriness.
  12. Lol it just came as a shock because ive taken upwards of 76mg of ritalin and didnt think the two could be so different. But man are they worlds apart.
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of amphetamines...

    just don't get too addicted to that shit. I wouldn't recomend snorting it or taking more than 40mg's a day... comedown gets bad.

    But anything eaten under 40mg's won't give a bad comedown as long as you eat food and drink water.
  14. One thing I've noticed though is that i have dry mouth like a bitch. But I have so much more dexterity when it comes to my hands. I'm typing and playing guitar like a madman
  15. Yeah, it's amazing. Wait till you're in class on that shit... you have no idea.

    Imagine the feeling of doing work and listening and paying attention... when on adderall it's the most eruphoric shit to get work done...

    like sitting there doing nothing makes you feel bad... but when you're working you FEEL AMAZING!

    it's the complete opposite of weed hahaha..

    Makes you tired
    Less social (at times)
    Less motivated
    makes you hungary

    Makes you completly awake
    REALLY sociable
    SUPER motivated
    Can barley eat at all hahaha

    no it's good shit... i'm getting like 3 tomorrow and i just scored 2 G's for $35 of jamican kush and got .5 from an asshole at school for free so it's all gooooddd.
  16. Lol yes it is awesome. And to the OP sorry for highjacking your thread.
  17. damn people on adderall have like life cheats because it allows you to do soo much
  18. i know hahahaha it's like a fucking hack hahahha and the police are the admins and shit and the government is like VAC 2 Counter Strike and like ban you and shit like that hahahaha arrestd and prosecute, like fucking get banned from STEAM hahaha....


    i'm fucking lit...

    if this makes 0 sense, it's because idk im high as a mother fucker.

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