adderall love!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by waterhurley, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. well i just got hooked up with 6 20mg IR's for 3.50 a piece. i know price is a bit ssteep but ive been looking for addys for weeks with no luck. i just stumbled across an old buddy who gets 90 ever 20 days and he said hed hook me up anytime.

    trying to get my script moved from ritalin to adderall but it hasnt been an easy journey.
  2. Congratz, I would love some addies about now.
  3. i popped a few klonnies so im chill now but tmrw mornin, my breakin that shit up in a couple lines and railin those motherfuckers! that will get my day going!
  4. Hellz ya man, sounds like a plan.
  5. Man wish I could get ahold of some addies. I always get the extended release ones. Take about 40mg and I'm good the whole damn day. Of course getting IRE tabs are nice for the snorting part lol:smoke:

    Addies helped me get through my first year of college lol dont think I coulda done it otherwise
  6. I'll probably be on some of my addy's by the end of the night.

    Not sure yet, though.
  7. gotta love the taste of addy drip in the morning
  8. Just got my refill yesterday. 90x 10mg tabs. And soon I'll be going on a day with no sleep. It'll be at least a day and a half before I get some sleep.
  9. im hoping to get switched to adderall. called the doc today and told her that i didnt feel ritalin was strong enough and wanted to try something new. what do they usually prescribe after ritalin?

    anyways i got 2 20's left and im not sure wither to do the allnighter, or pop some klonnies and mellow out. i blew the last one at like 4:30 andim still pretty amped up. i took 4 20's today in total.

    what do u think, all nighter, or klonnies and mellow?
  10. Klonnies and mellow, save the 40mg for some other day. I would def have a day in between popping 80mg though. Have fun!
  11. I have this friend at school that has ADD and i would always bug him and ask him to give me some adderall jokingly. And then one day he walked up to me and handed me a bag of 45 adderall!!! I said how much and he said free. I was so fucking happy. This all happened yesterday btw.

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