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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dialation, May 8, 2011.

  1. Most people here probably know what this condition consists of and it's basic symptoms, but this thread is about not the diagnosis but it's prognosis with solely MMJ as the treatment option.

    1. This debilitating disease is real, because I've struggled with the inattentive version of ADHD for years. Some mmj doctors are saying that it's not a "serious" enough disease to treat with mmj.

    2. Some states provide mmj as a treatment options while others don't yet.

    3. I've heard that mmj doctors can write petitions for patient conditions like ADHD if the doctor recommends mmj over other pharmaceuticals, but the condition isn't listed as one of the main ones yet.

    Has anyone did this petiton thing with public health office? Looking for any first-hand information... thanks :confused:
  2. Sweetie, the laws vary with each state! Where are you?

    In California, ADHD will get you a rec, no problem. Other states are more "picky" and their laws are different.

    Check the "Do I Qualify" sticky for what your state will allow.

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    All medical states should make recommendations for ADD/ADHD. You can get prescribed Aderol (idk how to spell it) for it and people in my school who don't even have ADHD take it to do good and pay attention in school. Believe me, kids that don't do shit in school will be working on homework all lunch period, lol.
    If doctors prescribe Aderol legally, MJ which is probably less harmful, should be a legit reason. I have ADHD myself and I can say MJ does help. I can pay attention to one thing for longer and a lot easier.
  4. one of the shops in boulder has started making these thc pills. they don't don't you groggy like an edible and take away my anxiety and minor depression that comes with my add. they are great. maybe you should try making them. they don't require much bud, really.

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