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Discussion in 'General' started by weedboss, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. How can i do this?
  2. mmm dunno never used it dude :D
  3. COME ON GUYZ, Someone must be able to help me out here.
  4. Put this in your sig:


    You gotta upload it to somewhere and then just use that code

  5. Nice one lads, ;) i'm to nakered to do shit now i'll have to do it 2moro.
  6. K dun it, how cum the image isn't showing ??
  7. where is the image hosted? they might not allow remote linking, if it's liek geocities or somethin it won't work
  8. ^ if thats the case get an account at photo village, there good
  9. hempress, how do you use that site, i registered but I can't figure out how to host pics
  10. and how do i get an avatar :(
  11. Ok, to use Lycos/Tripod, go to this link and log in. A pop-up should open...this is the WebFTP. When it loads, look on the right on browse and find the file you want to upload. Scroll to the bottom and click on Upload.

    Then you can find it in your list and click on it. Then click on the icon in the top bar that looks like a magnifying glass on a piece of paper. When your file opens right click and find the file location. Your sig is now uploaded and you know where it is :)

    To get an avatar, click on the button at the top of this page that says "Edit Profile". In there find the button that says "Edit Options" on that. Scroll to the bottom and find the button that says "Change Avatar" on that. At the bottom of that page there is an option to upload a picture you want to use for an avatar, or pick one from the list.

    Avatars have to be 75x75, and I forget the file size.
  12. Weedboss; You ever figure out a picture for your signature? If not, let me know & I'll show you how...but 1st, find some picture you want as your sig.

  13. why thanke :)

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