Adapted my ROOR to my vaporizer.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jollyrancher1, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I have a Volcano and the bag system is a PITA.
    This is my new setup and it works great.


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  2. This works great.
    Bong stays "clean" longer and just a better "experience".
  3. whoa ive been thinking about that insulator lately and your post came up...phreaky haha. anyway, thats how i used to hook up my mflb to my beaker, but was tooo tall for the box.
    have you ever thought about grabbing a showerhead (or other style) diffuser for your beaker? might improve the experience and will remove lots of drag, if any.
    The ROOR diffuser works great.
    The biggest "drag" is the screen that fits in the coupler to the vape.
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    Same dude... I looooooove this setup

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  6. If you get a little more creative you can get rid of the whip:

    Huge improvement in the taste department.

    I just use a male to male 18mm adapter in my bubbler:
    With an EQ elbow screen in there to hold the herb.
  7. Very creative!
    I replaced the whip with some high temp silicone tubing.
  8. I wonder if being upside down could damage the inside/ bottom of the unit... As the heat rises.... The bottom of my v-tower is plastic so I feel like it might start melting if upside down

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  9. Very cool idea but seems like it would be a lot of weight on the joint. 
  10. LOVE vaporbonging.
  11. I have an EQ as well and also run a similar setup haha. What temp do you guys usually vape at with the EQ
  12. This gave me inspiration on how I could possibly make a desktop vape out of my solo for bongin. Thanks op!

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