Adam Kokesh Arrested At Philly Pot Rally

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  1. Nevermind, I found it:
    You would have to be insane to march on DC July 4th brandishing a fire arm for the sake of justifying the 2nd amendment.

  2. I'm not really familiar with him either, but I did hear an interview between him and Alex Jones recently about the march.

    Basically it's just an armed march in Washington DC where they've basically outlawed or banned guns (correct me if I'm wrong). They're just going to march with loaded firearms to let the establishment know that the American people aren't going to just give up their rights just because they've passed an unconstitutional law.

    I don't exactly see it ending well for a lot of people but in the long run I see it making a huge difference. We need more people like him, actually going out,standing up, and fighting back rather than just talking about it. Bold move on his part and for that I give him much respect.
    I still don't get the march. I mean, order your AR-15 online with a prepaid card and STFU about it. Why go prancing around DC thumbing your nose to authority and showing off your big gun?
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    I can personally guarantee that he is being charged with resisting and Felony assault on a man in a costume. I have spoken with Lucas and Darrell on the phone. The assault that they are referring to is believed to be cop on cop. While detaining him one cop elbowed the other in the face and I believe they are going to say that occurred because of the resisting. I know, I know, but it is what is being said. 
    \nAnyways, he was not given bail or anything because Adam refused to talk to his attorney (last minute fill in, they have another attorney Adam knows) or the judge. He did not provide his information, address etc, nor answered to whether or not he owns guns. He has a detainment hearing (his bail, if granted, will be determined then) on Thursday. The state has to prove enough evidence to show he must remain locked up or they will be forced to let him go...

  5. Murder, rape, armed robbery, extortion suspects all get offered bail.  Non-violent peaceful protester, no bail.
    He's a terrorist in the eyes of the government. See what happens when you become a trouble maker kids?
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     It would be better if they refrained from smoking at these rallies.   Even if it were legal, public smoking would not be allowed just as it is not permitted in the Netherlands.    Adam committed an act of civil disobedience and got arrested.   I couldn't tell in the video if he had actually lit one up when they got him.   I hope that he is OK and not prosecuted, but being detained seems to have been his goal.  
  8. He was not high.  NJ Weedman (look him up) was at the event posted that he had offered to smoke Adam up before hand but Adam declined and didn't have any weed on him.
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    Dude, several people including NJ weedman offered him a joint. He did not ride to Philly in possession and had not smoked the entire day. This is a 100% political thing. He did nothing wrong...they disappeared AJ would say.
    EDIT: He was at an event, that had the permit to gather, and used his 1st amendment rights starring at the liberty bell and about 20 ft from a big ass boulder with the 1st engraved in it... 
    If you couldnt tell what he did, than why assume he was committing an act of civil disobedience, or any thing illegal at all?
    Because I cant prove God doesnt exist, therefore it must? Whats that called, an appeal to ignorance?
    And all the videos, from multiple angles, show Adam not smoking at all, or having anything in his possession besides the microphone.
  11. Felony assault my fuckin ass!!! The nerve these cops have got is nothing more than laughable.

    @[member="Green Wizard"]
    The point of the march is to show the government that we are serious about our rights and aren't just going to give them up like a bunch of pussies.
    If you were gay and the government said tomorrow that you were no longer allowed to be gay in public, wouldnt you go to a march and show them that you are a human being and can do whatever the fuck you please? Or if they banned the bible and you were a Christian, wouldn't you go on a march wielding your bible proudly. Or are you just as complacent as the rest of America?
    Not trying to call you out and be a dick or anything, just trying to make my point.
  12. Aren't the police supposed to tell you what you're being charged with at the time they place you under arrest? Because, the way I see it, without giving him an official charge at the time, it's no longer a valid arrest, it's an act of kidnapping,
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    It's not kidnapping when you are wearing government issued costumes, apparently.
  14. Its not kidnapping when they own you

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