Adam Kokesh Arrested At Philly Pot Rally

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    Sorry about the crappy audio quality

    The police are ready to pounce on adam as soon as the countdown to light up ends.
    "3...2...1....smoke!" And then the comes come up, take his mic away, and cuff him and cart him away. He did not even smoke. What was his crime?! Why did they arrest him? Whats wierder is that nobody even knows where he was taken and hasn't been in contact with him. 
    Ill update as it develops.
    I'll bet my ass he gets released July 5th....
    It's obvious that this is to sabotage the march on independence day. Look, this armed march is going to be fucking HUGE. If they are this afraid of it, than it's obviously going to wake people up.
    The number for the 22nd district is 215-686-3220...please hark the shit out of them with calls and demand to know where he is

  2. Funny, I thought this sorta thing would happen the other day, TPTB want to keep him locked up thinking they can shut down the march. But now I just want to go to the march even more now. This sort of action will just add fuel to the fires of liberty. They will never stop an idea whose time has come!
  3. reply? I'm surprised...I figured this thread would be on fire....
    Anyway, I agree with you 100% Tripace, some other liberty figure will be appointed to lead the march and it will go as planned....the New World Order, the Philly police, Obama, and the corporations can go fuck themselves because you're SCARED and you're losing.
    HA fucking HA!
  4. They've got the system set up so they get paid to keep people in jail so i'm not really surprised they are so eager to just throw people in there. 
    But fuck it, people gotta step up
  5. I just called that number to give them a piece of my mind. I told them and I quote, "I am a concerned citizen who is calling to file a complaint about the recent illegal arrest of Mr. Adam Kokesh at a peaceful rally. Who can I speak to about this matter." She replied that I would have to come down to the department and speak to the lieutenant in person. I asked her if there was another number I could call since I am too far away to appear in person and was told that there was not and I have to come there in person before being hung up on. And these are the people we pay? Public servants my ass!!! I want to find out who that lieutenant is and get his number.
  6. Well, it might not have been singling out Adam, as it would seem, although who knows for sure?

    After Months of successful acts of Civil Disobedience at independence hall in Philadelphia, today police showed up in large numbers for the 5th installment of “Smokedown Prohibition”, arresting a number of activists, organizers and other individuals.
    The following post was made Nathan Cox on facebook:
    \tvia: Nathan CoxLISTEN UP FOLKS, Adam Kokesh friends, family and supporters.
    Adam Kokesh of AdamVsTheMan has been taken captive NOT by the Philly Police but by Federal PARK POLICE. I just spoke with a woman in the Park Police (215-597-7077) who spoke with her supervisor for me.
    Her supervisor said that the Park Police have taken him to 401 NORTH 21st Street which is the 9th District. They do NOT have Positive ID on him right now and if they can't get positive ID within the next 30-45 minutes they will be taking him to a near by FEDERAL DETENTION Center.
    I was told that if people go to that location they MIGHT be able to help get him out (possibly by ID'ing him.. IDK)
    So the 9th District's # is: 215-686-3090
    If you are on the ground up there you need to SURROUND that building IMMEDIATELY.
    MELT the phone lines.
  7. I called and they bitched me out and said "tell your FRIENDS to stop calling here he's not here!"
    I replied "Don't give me that bullshit, answer my questions or at the very least transfer me to the right department. You are worthless at your job, an innocent man was arrested today and I was very polite with you and you're reacting like a child"
    She hung up...
    This is bullshit, what was the crime? Seriously, i REALLY think this has to do with the march. They arrested him on no grounds, and it's totally convenient how it happened when this march is only a month away. I would have started playing "whack a cop"...but everybody was too afraid to touch them because they have been pounded with a subconscious fear that you can't hurt cops. Bullshit, we need to start fighting back, I really hope this revolution can be done peacefully, but they're already trying to disarm us and they're pushing back with force.....they hit first, maybe it's time we hit back.
  8. Well at least that is a good sign that we called enough to piss them off. Better than no one calling and them not getting a good ear beating. Looks like I got a few more numbers to call. :smoke:
  9. Can't wait to see his armed march on the white house.
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    According to his facebook page:
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    Charge sounds like bullshit. How is one arrested and charged with "resisting arrest"? What was the reason for being detained/arrested in the first place? Think about it...
  11. Because they said so. If a cop tries to punch you in the face for no reason and you block it that would be assault on an officer if his fist was hurt and resisting arrest get it?
  12. I was thinking the same thing until I read the article I quoted above, which states that there were multiple arrests, not just Adam's, so maybe they are saying he was one of those just being detained for possession, but they are saying when they were arresting him, he resisted, so now it's gone from a simple detainment to being jailed and going to see the judge... IDK, just trying to imagine how they could "legally" justify the whole thing. Still 100% bullshit IMO tho.
  13. In the video it looks like they spot him in the crowd, walk up to him and arrest him. Out of all the people there smoking weed. There's gotta be another charge that no one knows about. It just makes one wonder, why him out of all the people.
    Why would the feds arrest Adam Kokesh? Hmmmmmmm.  :ey:
  15. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or in this case the cuffs. You can't tell me that they didn't know who they were going for even if many were arrested, They can't arrest everyone so they go for the leaders and loud mouths to scare/quell the weaker resistance.
    No matter how or why this was done and whether they have a legal leg to stand on is of no matter here. The fact is is that it was a wrongful arrest/detainment or what ever spin they put on it. No one should have been harassed at that rally end or story.
    The government doesn't give a shit about the law, other than using it as a club against the citizens.
  17. Probably because his biceps are weapons of mass destruction. Have you seen them?
  18. NJ Weedman is legit. I'm pretty sure I smoked with him once, about 15 years ago.

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