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A'dam in December

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rael, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. I have a winter trip to A'dam planned for early Dec. It'll be a short one-4 days. I am looking for up to date reviews and availability of the best hashes. I have a few "GOTO" shops but would like to expand my horizons. Maybe a local can help me out. My travel is between 11/28 and 12/1.

    I prefer good Nederhash; Dutch moonshine is a favorite and unlike the majority find the propogator process superior to the ice-o-lator technique. However I'm always anxious to try new exotics!
  2. Nice one bud i just got back from dee big bud and had a wonderful time heh heh

    goto to Greenhouse centrum and try Nevilles haze it will blow ur mind wow ...... and Babas has some charras atm and jesus does it ROCK ;) ....... ANNNND u must try Blueberry from the NooN wow o wow heh heh .... and if u can get rto Haarlem check Willy Wortels workshop cooooool place and dee teehuis also in Haarlem with 50 different types of beautiful Mary Jane

  3. Thanks Whoami,
    W.Wortel shop in Harlem is very cool and I wish him the best with his experiance shop in UK.
    I appreciate your reccomendations but they aren't that clear could you try again with specifics. I hope so. In any case I'll certainly hit the greenhouse in centrum and burn 1 for you.
  4. 'T Theehuis - Smedestraat 25,

    A small but very nice coffeeshop. A busy place, with lots of regulars in there.Its tucked out of the way and sits on a corner invitingly. Mellow music, and a very very impressive menu - like 50 different strains of weed and hash! I recommend the Californian Gold wow beautiful Bud ..When in Haarlem, definitely check this place out. Its totally wicked best choice i have ever seen full info

    uk views

    cool coffeeshop guide

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