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actual smoking games

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by weedleaf, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. this is for smoking games, not video games you play while your high but actual smoking games to play while smoking, that involves smoking or being high. Like baseball where you try to hold in your hit until the blunt or joint or w/e ur smoking out of comes back to you.I also play something my friends and i call the triangle where 3 of us get into a triangle and give eachother shotguns right in a row but you cant blow out the hit from the shotgun you just recieved until you give the next person a shotgun while holding your hit in your mouth and dont f**k up the rotation or you lose. that type shit. :hello::smoking:
  2. around my area we call that chicago, holding it in until it gets passed to you.

    for some reason this game always seems to fail/die after 20 seconds.
  3. Yea, haha I call that Chicago too. But me n my friends are usually good with that shit, it gets pretty intense once you're halfway through the blunt and struggling for air. Gets you ripped, but I like enjoying my blunts, and take as much time as I need.
  4. We call that baseball out here.
    But i havent played that game in forever....since i was like new to smoking.
    I just do smoking tricks now
  5. Me and my friends play this game involving rhyming and pathetic attempts at freestyle rapping.

    The game works out perfectly with about 5 people and a big fat blunt, but it can be whatever smoking device. Here's how to play:

    One person lights up the blunt and takes a hit and will say a small phrase like, "Sitting here smoking a big fat blunt", the next person in the circle (whatever way you rotate) has to rhyme the first statement, for instance "Yeah and you're girlfriends a total cunt," upon successful rhyme the person is aloud a hit and then the next person would have to rhyme that statement.

    When the blunt comes back to the first person, he/she gets a free hit because they made the original rhyme go all the way around the circle. After the original person gets a freebie, the next person gets a hit and starts a new rhyme scheme. Thus the game is born.

    You can add your own rules and stuff, like no using shitty words like orange or purple to rhyme because thats no fun.
  6. Chicago here too...Me and my friends play that from time to time and take that shit seriously, if you exhale, you lose your next hit lol last week we played that with a blunt and a circle of 7 people THAT shit was fucking hard, i was dying.
  7. same, chicago style on a blunt, bong wahtever
  8. We call it superman or taxi
  9. Me and everyone else i know call it "getting high" or in familiar terms. "Smoking up" :p

    Baseball is what i have heard around here.
  10. call it suicides in boston
  11. What me and my friends do after we get high is each of us does a different beat, and we all go at the same time and it sounds sick as fuck lol. Once we were doing this beatbox thing for like 5 straight minutes and it got intense as fuck
  12. chicago is what we call it in miami and yeah that shit always does fail i think it worked maybe once lol
  13. me and me boys freestlye after smoking..but yeah holding that smoke in, we call it superman-ing the blunt
  14. That actually sounds pretty entertaining lol. I'ma have to try this next time.
  15. Never done it but I want to watch Battlestar Galacitica and take a hit whenever they say frak.
  16. people call it baseball, i find it pointless
    you should be holdin your hits anyway
    why regulate it
  17. I play ping-pong :)
    I'm a beast ;)
  18. I posted this in a diff thread

    When me and a bunch of friends got together to blaze we would play a game. EVERYONE needs to have their own lighter and own weed. How it works is that after a person is done taking a toke and they pass the bong, (or whatever you're smoking out of) if they go to pass the lighter too, they have to pack the next bowl ( we usually just have 1 lighter going around the circle so we are used to passing) As the night goes on people start getting more and more baked and forget they arent supposed to pass which just results in more bowls!:smoking:
    It starts to get pretty entertaining when you catch someone trying to pass to you and they dont even realize. You just stare at them for a while until it dawns on them.
  19. we'd play the numbers game, usually to decide who takes the first hit. works best with 3 people. someone starts by thinking of a number between 1 and 10 and someone else has 5 chances to guess the number, so they have a 50% chance of getting it right. after we go around the entire circle, whomever has guessed the correct number advance to the next round and then it goes tourney style until theres only one person left. that person chooses who gets greens, or just takes them himself. the game is really fun on the second and third bowls of the night.
  20. holding the hit till you get the piece/blunt/jay bak to you in dallas is called Jamaican hits, usually only practiced when were low on buds or jus wanna get SUPA BLAZED
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