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  1. Hi guys, whats your actual haircut? I just have classic army cut on my head, what about you?
  2. I go to a barbershop in town.
    Super legit cuts.
    I get faded up with a 2 on the side to a taper.
    3 lines in the side, or I'll do a star, or let him freestyle something.
  3. goofy as fuck essentially, a bowl cut
  4. Inch on top fade to half inch on sides and back.. Leaves enough hair to style while lookin clean!
  5. High and tight. Basically ends up looking like a short mohawk which is cool with me
  6. I keep my hair short.
  7. long. let it grow man.
  8. Got a nice haircut 2 years ago and havent touched it since. I have thick, long, flowing hair.
  9. short, tapered, flicked up in front. typical upper 20's white guy cut.
  10. I get short on the top and number 2 on the sides.


    I posted my pictures on this forum before but it feels weird so thats why i blanked out my face. My hair is not done in the picture and i just woke up. lol
  11. 2 on the sides
    3 or 4 inches of hair, striped in the middle and down the back.
    mohawk for exams baby, do it every year. superstitious shit.
  12. My actual haircut is medium length hair, but my fake haircut is a mohawk.

  13. Should I take a picture then? haha
  14. Long hair, like down to my boobs. :3

    Just got two inches cut off for summer though, I have super thick hair.
  15. i get my hair cut like 2 times a year... maybe lol Ill get it cut to a few inches then let it grow until i can almost put it in my mouth and start over. I try to plan it so i get it cut right before it gets super fuckin hot out though lol, works nicely
  16. I have what I like to call the "unkempt car salesman"
  17. Just got one today !!!!

  18. Mullet . You know .

  19. 4 on the top, 3 on the sides with my edges cleaned up. Sometimes I will get a Mohawk or a short fade but I haven't done it in a while.

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