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  1. Hey everyone. I took the ACT tests a month ago and I just got my scores back. My composite (average) score was a 29. I scored a 27 on both English and Mathematics, and a 31 on both Reading and Science. Have any of you taken the ACTs, and what were your scores if you did?
  2. Composite - 27

    English - 30
    Math - 27
    Science - 28
    Reading - 22 <--Shitty

    My friend got a 31 on the ACT's...he got like a 35 on the science reasoning.
  3. yeah outaker u did do really well....
    i hope mine are good...but i doubt it cause i usually fuck up all big tests but oh well
  4. first time 29
    english - 26
    math - 28
    reading - 32
    science - 30

    second time 32
    english - 29
    math - 31
    reading- 34
    science - 33
  5. first time (tired as hell from no sleep and never studied) - 29
    second time (same conditions as the first) - 30
    My little brother just took his for the first time and he got a 28.

    edit: oh yeah, my individual scores for the second time were two 29's and two 30's. I know a little bit of everything...or I just know how to take the test without really having to know anything.

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