Activated Carbon disc (how to clean)

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  1. Hey i got two different Activated Carbon disc. One acts like an ashcater and i have a bigger one that attaches to the top of my phire bong. Has a "CARBONITE" logo on it.

    They really make the smoke much smoother, i dont feel like im going to cough after taking a big hit. I do notice that i dont get as much taste with the carbon filter but i taste enough so its not a huge deal.

    My question is how do i clean it? Ive herd to soak it in alcohol. I've already cleaned my a/c with some glass cleaner with salt it in and just risned out all of the salt with hot water. I read that running water threw the carbon disc will clog it after i did it but it seems to be cleaned and still works amazing.

    Anyone know the best way to clean it, should i just soak it in alcohol and then let it sit out?

    Thank you.
    Will post pics in a second
  2. cant wait to see pics! kinda want one myself :) haha
  3. shit ya ima do that now sorry was kinda smoking out of it lol
  4. K uploading now got some milk shots too
  5. hell ya im pumped now

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