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  1. Well don't you know that some dick had to do it,
    Came out to my car after I got out of class and
    What do I find? Two slashed tires on the drivers
    side. I know who did it, the guy has been hitting
    on my girlfriend and threatning me, Im done.
    I usully let karma handle these things, I try not
    to get involved but this is to far...Me and a couple
    buddies are going to go confront him and make
    him pay up for the damage, nothing more, just
    what he should pay, taking my brothers brass
    knuckles with me just in case though.

    Wish me luck blades!
  2. Please let us know the outcome!
  3. dam that sucks....good luck and be safe...keep the thread updated!
  4. wow you gotta kick that mother fuckers ass man, thats fucked up.
  5. Well you're going about it the right way.

    Still that "kid" is a little bitch. Slashing someones tires is what a girl does when she gets dumped or something. Shit is juvenile and pussy like.
  6. Bring the 9 just incase.
  7. Fuck him up bro
  8. +rep for get ready in your sig^
  9. what a bitch, props to you for taking the high road dude i dont think many people would handle this shit as maturely
  10. Now I said I was going to try and handle it maturely...
    But after smoking two eighths in two huge fat blunts
    My friends started telling me how he'd been telling
    my girl to leave me and shit...You know where this
    is going. :devious:

    We head over to where he's hanging out,

    (Side story, He was hanging out in the "Smoke Hole" AKA Some forest inbetween the college and highschool, alot of emo kids and wanna be gangsters hang out there smoking cigs and trying to act cool.)

    Anyways he tried taking off when he saw us pull up, I told my buddie driving to take my friend jake and drive around too the other side and follow him if he gets away and me and my friend abbott took off after him. He was almost to the road when we caught him, my friends jumped out of the car and kept watch while I handled everything, made him pay me for the wheel, took a sweet butterfly knife and its case from him, and I shouldn't have but I did punch him once in the face, sent him to the ground and I didn't feel the need to do anything else. We left, my buddies dropped me off here and now im gonna smoke a bowl and see what I can do about my tires :D

  11. Oh, and no I didn't use my brothers brass knuckles on him, didn't want a assault charge hah.
  12. A little late now, but if your school has camera's you could have had them check the tapes and the guy would probably get expelled.
  13. well it sucks that you snapped a little, but it's not that terrible considering.

    goodluck with the rest of it, such an inconvenience, lol.
  14. The cameras wouldn't have caught it, me and most of my friends park in a parking lot behind the school, a little seperated from the others.
  15. You got him to pay you for the tires? He carries that much cash around??
  16. Good to hear you got a little revenge
  17. Yeah I was suprised myself, he actully had 40$ extra but I didn't bother because I just needed what It would cost to get new tires
  18. awe i woulda taken his atm card, brang him down to the bank and kicked his ass until he told you his pin number haha. :devious:

  19. Yep, and then your wanted for assault, robbery, and hmm kidnapping!!!
    Good way to handle was how you did!

  20. wow, its was joke. snide ass comments arent necessary.

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