Action Without Reason

Discussion in 'General' started by Hello there!, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I realized earlier that I don't do things just to do them, unless it's suggested by someone else. If I don't have a reason to do something, I see no point in doing it. I feel like this limits new things in my life, and substantially decreases my motivation.. although that may be a different subject.
    Can anyone relate?

  2. There's a ton of things i have no interest in doing that other people find important. They usually try to force me to do those things because they think if i don't there's something wrong with me.
    It's not that I feel pressured to, I just can't figure out why there's nothing that really piques my curiosity. I feel like I'm just constantly distracting myself.
  4. Ya i understand that part. Is there anything you do enjoy or get excited about? Do you feel like you're distracting yourself to pass time? sorry about the questions lol i just didn't quite understand the last par.t\\\\t.
    Bungee jumping and family. Yep, exactly the reason - just to pass the time. I know I can't find what I want to do without taking the necessary steps, and I know the steps.. I just never have a reason to do it now. I'm not sad, I'm emotionally stable, I'm just.. unmotivated.
  6. I'm too very unmotivated, I just don't see a point in doing anything at all. In the end you're going to end up with a job you don't enjoy and a   shitty house. What's the point in putting all that effort into being depressed in the end?
  7. ^That's exactly how i feel. I don't want or need all those things they don't make me happy.
  8. there's a reason for everything. might sound like a corny cliche, but we all do things wether its on a concious or subconcious level.
    That's true. I should have used intent, not reason.
    in this day and age, our senses are basically on overload. so things we see on a daily basis have an influence on us whether we realize it or not.
    so if you think you're doing something for no reason, you should stop yourself and reflect on what may be causing this choice of action
  11. Nope. I want to act without a reason.. stop analyzing things. I'm tired of thinking. I just want emotions back.

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