**Action Alert** End MJ Research obstruction by DEA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by code420, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. September 7 is the dead line.

    Maps (Multiple-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), NORML, and many other medical mj supporters have worked to help end obstruction of research on Medical MJ. With sept. 7 the deadline we need to show our representative that we as the public support the true, and real in depth research of Medical Marijuana. If passed this bill will not legalize marijuana, but will allow for further medical testing, if it meets federal standards (which it likely will) mj, will be brought into a different drug classification and may be prescribed by doctors, and ending the federal raids on medical state approved patients.

    I want everyone that knows how to use the internet, to go to
    http://ga0.org/campaign/umass and automatically e-mail your house reps. Its easy as hell, the message is typed for you, feel free to edit or add more.

    Contact by letter or phone (Helps that much more): http://www.maps.org/mmj/DEAlawsuit.html#bipartisan

    There are dozens -- if not hundreds -- of representatives that should support this issue based on their statements and voting records. Yet, most politicians will only consider signing a letter with a seemingly controversial word like "marijuana" if their constituents ask them to do so.

    That's why you can play a critical role by contacting your representative as soon as possible before the Sept. 7 deadline for the Congressional sign-on letter to the DEA

    Thank you for everyone that took time and effort to do this​

  2. :yay: That's my happy dance!!

    yay for mmj
  3. SPECTACULAR!!! I've sent, and I'd assume EVERY ONE of you on GC will too! I've made it a point to e-mail all of my friends as well.

  4. Yeah, I sent mine yesterday (got a form email back, heh) and passed along the message.

    Btw, don't assume everyone on GC will... for the sheer fact that not everyone on gc is from the US =P
  5. I sent an email, its funny because i tried to make my prefix Dr. but it said that the receiving party won't exept names wit that prefix.
  6. thanks to everyone that has sent in their letters, and showed their support!! :hello:

    We still need more people doing this, the sooner the better.

    Oh, Nice forum you guys got here, ive been viewing it for some time, im glad to be a posting member :)

  7. I sent one :) . Thanks.

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