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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smedium, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Tlaaa
    Dont worry about it...sditty did it...its alrite sditty did em
  2. going out on a limb here....
    smedium.....would like to explain yourself and keep your thread? the random nothingness (aka known as wtf you talking about) isnt gonna cut it.
  3. AC Slater came to the school i went to last year. He gave a chat on how to become an actor on a bad teen show, and how to be typecasted forever and ever.
  4. there was a special on saved by the bell the other day that i watched and talked about where the actors are now and days and showed like 4 showes in between. pretty bad ass
  5. Richard Belding is at my friends school today.

    i was like wait ..wait a mintue Ac Slater? where does that sounds farmliar? ..the being typecast forever gave me a hint then misfit gave it away! LOL

    ..yep saved by the bell ..thats exactly waht every highschool is like :) ..ahh saved by the bell

    ..brings back good memories of last summer ..wake and baking every morning to the hi-jinks of Bayside High, Zac Morris, Kelly Koplaski, AC Slater, and Screech ..oh ya and the hot black chick and the stupid smartass womens right girl

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