Acrylic VS Glass bongs

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  1. I have never owned a bong before, but I want to get an acrylic bong at the local fleamarket. The reason being is I don't have much cash to spend, but I want to own a bong. I've used acrylic's before, and I think they taste/feel fine, but people say they break super easy even if you don't drop them.

    I can handle it pretty well, but is it true that they crack on their own?
  2. They are practically invincible, it's plastic
  3. lol so true
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    glass all the way. yeah it breaks if you drop it, just be careful. If you don't know the difference then you simply haven't hit enough bongs.

    and who ever told you acrylic breaks when you drop it is a meat,, you'd have to give er a real firm wack. unless the bongs reaaaal shitty.
  5. Have had an acrylic bong for 8 years now, dropped of a dozen times. I've dropped things ontop of it. They are super durable. A good buy.
  6. They develop such a bad taste/smell after they have been smoked in a couple times.
  7. True, but not really relevant to the durability of the piece. However, if you clean of regularly, it minimizes the "stale" taste.
  8. Never needed such a cheap bong. Just get some glass bro. Fuck that acrylic shit.
  9. I guess my real question is, will I be happy if I buy an acrylic bong? I want to get a good lifetime out of it until I am ready to buy some real glass
  10. Yes. You will be happy. Don't listen to people who are too sissy to hit a plastic bong. Its tough and durable, packs the same punch as a glass bong. Glass is definitely superior, but you wont regret buying a bong for dirt cheap. Its a wise temporary investment. Just be sure to keep it clean and try not to let bong water sit in it for days on end, and you'll be fine. -one love-

  11. Ok, thanks for the input. I would take the water out after each use, and I clean my glass bowl after every use so I'll do the same with my bong :D
  12. A little ice never hurt either. Lol. Happy smoking, man.

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