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Across the international boarder, eh?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by trickztar, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Alright guys, I have a good question that I'm hoping ill get serious answers for.

    I'm planning on taking a trip down to my buds in NJ from Ontario and I want to take an oz of some nice quality Canada bud. I'm going to most likely take a greyhound bus from Ottawa to Newark.

    Now these are some of the ideas I've come up with. First I can grind it and pack it as dense as possible tight wrap it, bag it a couple times, and spray it with some colone, then slide it into a shaving cream or shampoo bottle and mix it in with my toiletries. Then put it in my suitcase which goes under the bus or in the side or whatever. Well actually, that's my best idea so far.

    What you guys think?
  2. no...they might have dogs
    if u wanna smuggle u gotta like atv through the forest...drop it off in the states..then go back to canada and leave canda normally so the gov dont get suspicious. then go pick up ur bud in the states and u should be gud.
  3. you really think dogs can smell that well? damn. i might be out of luck if they can lol.
    but thanks for the headsup
  4. Your idea will not work. A dog will smell your bag and think, "hmm, cologne, shaving cream, shampoo, MARIJUANA **barkBarkbark***
    you cannot mask the smell of marijuana with something els.
    Your best bet is to put it in an airtight jar and just put it in your bag. unless the bus x-rays your bags.
  5. Yes, dogs can smell that well. Actually, I watched a tv show yesterday about dogs. When humans smell something (soup for example) , everything is blended together into 1 scent. For a dog however, they smell each individual ingredient of the soup.
  6. +and thank you cs22 that was very good information.

    Alright, well, do you think it would be wise to bring it on my carry-on bag? Or do they check those, or search them at the border, or what?

    I just crossed the border from NY to Ontario over the Thousand Islands and there were no dogs or anything, so does it depend on your transport or where you cross? Hopefully someone with experience can help me out ha.
  7. thats bad ass.
    they would make awesome chefs.
  8. This thread is probably gonna get deleted but don't smuggle a frickin O. You WILL be checked by a federal agent that could strip search you at the drop of a hat. Anything goes at the border. I went to a rave in Montreal years ago and they got the dog out for us.

    Only try if you have lots of experience dealing with border agents. Many of those guys have been agents for decades and can tell just by looking at people if they are smuggling something.

    Is it worth being locked up for trafficking over a few hundred bucks?
  9. Its gonna have to go in your butt.
  10. Hippster's got it right.
    Put it in your ass.
    But...Pot is not that me at least
  11. My friend took a peice and a brick of hash home from aruba in his pocket.
  12. bag it up like 4-5 times, then wrap the bags in seliphane. buy some coffee and put it at the bottom of the bag. if your only worried about the smell that should cover it with no worries. i've never road greyhound so im not sure if they search your bags or not.
  13. Dude I would NOT do this. I've come back from Canada multiple times, and it's not a very pleasant experience. I've spent hours upon hours in a garage while they took apart my SUV, and questioned me, and lied to me about all sorts of shit. You don't want to fuck around with it man. It's not worth it at all! Just hope your buddy gots some dank, and use your head.
  14. Do they really do that kind of shit for people taking a bus?

    Well, be careful, greyhound might be worried about buses in Canada because of that crazy killer dude. Airtight jar in your carry-on bag is probably the best bet.
  15. Just thought you should get this message as much as possible. Don't do it! Bringing an ounce of potcheeba is not worth the MASSIVE risk of arrest.

    If you decide to be a rebel, make sure you do it right. That bag had better be vacuum-sealed, in an airtight container, and on a bus it might fly. But again, massive risk.
  16. #16 MidwestKind, Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2008
    Don't you guys think that our government, and the Canadian government has thought of this, and planned a way to stop it from happening......Shit people, I would've known this was a stupid idea when I was 14years old. Come on now! We're talking about smuggling charges here, not some small time possession charge.
  17. dude just mail it back if you really want it that bad. Cant go wrong witht the good ol usps.
  18. #18 theHippie, Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2008
    how do you mail an oz of weed to the us from canada... usps?? thats not short for u smuggle please send. that would never fly bro

    but really not worth it i know shits cheaper in canada but i mean you can find dank in new jersey if not take the short ride up to nyc and get some there i. I'm sure you can find something pot is not worth it bro

    lemme break it down for you
    smuggle:__________________________________dont smuggle:
    Dangerous_________________________________you enjoy the bus down get some dank when
    Get stoped and searched at the border__________you get there and chill with your buddy
    IF you get caught its smuggling charges
    you pull it of and get high with your buddie

    well it seems they both have the same outcome but one is hella safer and easy hrmm seems like a easy choice
  19. Just buy some weed when you're down here, its practically legal to get in the Toronto area. Just ask anyone that looks like a pothead, anyone at the movies, anyone in a headshop, etc

  20. If he's in the U.S., why would the Toronto laws matter? Maybe theres a place in Jersey called Toronto, but I doubt it.

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