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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Winkleplum, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey I didn't know where to post this...

    I haven't had any acne since I was like 13, I'm turning 19 soon and I just started smoking (vaporizing) daily this year and started breaking out.

    So does weed do this to you, or is it coincidence?
  2. I used to get bothered with acne from when i was 13 untill i was about 16 or 17. I don't think (atleast for me) it was related to smoking because i've been smoking mostly non-stop since i was 15 or 16. I guess it just stopped when puberty was coming to a close.

    If anything getting high just makes you forget to wash your damn face before you go to bed.
  3. Your just a late bloomer your probably going to have zits for your whole adult life(it happens). I have a friend who still gets mad zits and he is 27.

    Sucks to be you dude. Good luck with that.
  4. If you get paranoid that could be a big part of it. Stress triggers acne for many people, myself included.
  5. yea i doubt its the would be probably more believeable if you smoke out of blunt or pipe or gas mask and the smoke hit you in the face but its a vape dude....just take better care of your face......i have acne problems also....just wash your face when you wake up daily and at night wash your face with a lemon and sugar mix.....your acne will be gone in 2 weeks time
  6. I really think it is his affliction for life.

    On the Bright side at least its not boils.
  7. if you end up in a shitty scenario like stressed out then yeah but for me weed seemed to make my acne go away when i was younger and i started smoking daily i just completely stopped using meds for my face.
  8. My face breaks out when I don't smoke
  9. Smoking definitely gives you acne. If I go a week without smoking, my skin is fine, but the day after I smoke, I start breaking out. It happens to a couple of my friends too.
  10. Bud actually helps with acne reduction.
  11. Judging by the varying replies, weed has nothing to do with acne at all lol.
  12. Probably not related, if anything its supposed to help. It helps for me but I think its because bud relieves stress.
  13. Oh noez, not the acne!!!!! Say goodbye to everything ever good in your life!
  14. all i do is use a plain white bar of soap every morning. wash with hot, rinse with cold
  15. Try smearing jizzim on your face. Works like a charm.
  16. I dont know about the stress thing. I am ALWAYS anxious (when not on meds) and my face does not break out
  17. weed has different effects on different people

    i know people who break out when they smoke but luckily for me, my face is more clear when i blaze :)
  18. I did have horrible acne on my face for about 5 years, the amount of stress facing each day was unbearable, just recently i started taking accutane bad mood swings here and there. But weed calms me down, as of now my acne has gone down just facing a couple of more months of this medication and acne scars. Keep toking, WASH YOUR HANDS, and Avoid Touching Your Face .
  19. I don't know how bad this is for my skin but I dab rubbing alcohol on my face after getting out of the shower, as well as apply some acne prevention cream. My face got pretty cleared up. The biggest factor is KEEPING YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF YOUR FUCKING FACE, seriously, caps for emphasis, dont pick your zits or else you get more and they look worse.

    Lemon juice and epsom salt works pretty good as well.
  20. what happenes to me, if its a week where I smoke everyday and then smoke alot on the weekends it stops and then I have to start using acne products (special face wash, black head stuff, skin dryer) once it starts to go away which is usually a sunday so i'm not weird when im at work then if fine the next day after i smoke then after that I break out a lot. Ask your parents to take you to a dermatoligist (thats the shit that really works) I went. But it also cost me a $220 bill in acne medication

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