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  1. Hey everyone, I'm a medical patient here in Alberta Canada and have been for some time now. I recently moved into a house with extra space so I applied for my permit to grow for my own personal use. I was wondering if there was anyone else here from Canada who's gone through the application process that can let me know how the process works and how long it takes. I can't see them being that picky.
  2. I sent the Canadian Office of Medical Cannabis an email just to follow up on my application and to see if they knew what the timeline would be. They sent me this.

    "Dear Mr. Radioactive,

    Thank you for your email of July 19, 2017, regarding access to cannabis for medical purposes in Canada. We regret the delay in responding.

    We can confirm receipt of your application.

    The time to review an application by the Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC), and to issue a registration certificate, is highly dependent upon the number of applications received, the quality or the completeness of the applications, and the information on the medical document. The OMC review depends on the response time of applicants or health care practitioners, who may be contacted by our client service representatives to verify information or to request additional clarification.

    Our representatives must also verify that an original medical document has been provided, that it has been signed by a health care practitioner who is authorized by, and in good standing with, a provincial regulatory authority, and that the medical document has not been altered or falsified in any way.

    In response to the large volume of registration applications that Health Canada continues to receive, the Department has recently added new client service representatives to the registration team to accelerate the processing of applications."

    That sounds like a standard government answer to me. From the people I've talked to it can take anywhere from three to six months for approval.

    I am a patent at a clinic called Natural Health Services in Edmonton, they have a few locations around Alberta. I'd definitely recommend making an appointment there if you're interested in using cannabis as a medicine. They can set you up with a licenced producer free of charge.
  3. I applied in February and recieved my acmpr two days ago. Whatever you do don't pay a clinic to fill out your paperwork! I filled the forms out and sent them to health Canada myself.

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  4. Wow that's a bit of a wait time. And yeah I had my paperwork sent through a clinic called Natural Health Services... It seems like Health Canada got the application though.

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  5. Is there one in Calgary?
  6. I got mine a few months ago but it was only valid till my origional licence expires waiting on my renewal it's cutting it real close right now might have to give em a call

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  7. A Natural Health Services office? I think their headquarters are in Calgary.

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  8. Sweet ty buddy
  9. No problem. Look them up and send them an email, they can explain everything.

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  10. Beauty
  11. Still waiting here... I sent them another follow up email but they never replied. It's faster to get a handgun licence in Canada it seems than to legally grow medical weed.

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  12. I got my approval in the mail today, so I guess that completes it.

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  13. congrats buddy sounds awesome!
  14. now vote that fucking soyboy selfie idiot out of the prime ministers office before he gives the rest of our tax dollars to terrorists, i'd rather have him out than legal rec weed any day
  15. Lol I don't think that will be hard. At this point all parties will probably support legalized weed to some extent.

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  16. Waited 5 months for acmpr, calling and emailing did nothing. If you goto a clinic or doctor make sure they put a phone number on the script that they will answer for when health canada calls them.
  17. That's about how long it took for me. If you call all they can say is that they got the application and they are processing it.

    I used to work at a call centre for a government program. They're not allowed to say much is not really their fault.

    I had one wrong digit on my postal code. I'm lucky they didn't send it back to me to fix it.

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  18. Your very lucky

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