Ack-- bugs?!!

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  1. I've got an 18 day old Lowryder#2 in FFOF. It's in a basement with good temps, humidity, ph, watering.

    A couple days ago I noticed one leaf seemed to have been nibbled on. I pulled out a magnifying glass and carefully checked all over the plant but didn't see any bugs.

    Today there are further signs of damage. Again I checked it out but didn't see anything, but I know that doesn't really mean anything.

    Can anyone please tell me if this looks like bug activity? There are now 4-5 leaves that look to have been chomped on, I hope you can see this in the photos.

    Not sure if it matters, but only the leaves on one small area of the plant are affected. There's a Super Lemon Haze right right next to it that doesn't show damage.

    Thanks very much for any help on this.

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  2. Do you own a cat? Looks like my plants when my cats get a hold of them.......
  3. Probably not cats, the basement's sealed up pretty good, but thanks for the feedback.

    It's just odd, because I also grow vegetables (not in the basement), and when bugs come they're everywhere- and visible. I've never seen this sort of nibbling in one tiny area. Maybe an insect came in one night, took a few bites, then moved on?

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