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  1. hey i'm just starting out on the whole drug thing..and i really wanta trip. so you people that have acid or done it, whered you get it? walk around a getto for acouple hours?.. make your own?..
  2. no. it is all about the people you know. I mentioned an interest in it with a few friends of mine that dealt and to a few different dealers and when i woke up the next day i had a few text messages with people saying they got me some.

    i can only recommend acid if you think you are mentally ready to handle what it has to offer, not just because "you want to trip"
  3. that being said, do yourself a favor and use your efforts to find xtc instead. youre most likely not ready for acid. have fun with rolls though, theyre sweet.
  4. make your own?


    ya right, unless your like a skilled chemist it would be pretty damn hard

    im not saying this in a mean way.

    i just htink its funny how a lot of threads have been posted about acid lately and a lot of people seem to think you can make your own lol

    but ya dont do acid first eat some mushrooms and roll, prepare yourself for acid, its deff. not about tripping
  5. Naw no chance you'll find acid walking around the ghetto. Try asking anyone who you get drugs from, your friends, just generally ask around. it can be pretty hard to find.
  6. yea.. acid requires some real connections.. around here atleast
  7. Yep, just talk about it and ask some of your druggy friends.

    Around here, it's easier for me to get Acid then shrooms or E.
    Even though I haven't done any yet.
  8. lol no way bodom. well maybe ur part of ohio but in these parts boomers are EASY to get, as it X

    acid takes a little finesse :D
  9. Here in boulder like ive said before, i can pick up my phone and get anything i need/want within about 30 mins so = \. But the first cid i got was from a buddy, he got 150 tabs and i was like "you man share the wealth" so he gave me 4 tabs.

  10. learn up~
  11. shouldn't just dive into cid for your first hallucinogin. You should really probably try shrooms or x first. I dove into acid for my first hallucinogin and it was great, but that was only cuz it was really good cid and I had had a really great couple of days and I was in a good midset. So if you go ahead and do cid, just make sure that you're in a good mindset when you do it, otherwise, you could have a bad fun at all. Yeah and just ask some stoner friends about their dealers to get you some cid. Good luck, and good tripping or rolling or whatever you decide to do first.
  12. this kid has to be really, really unintelligent or really, really young. honestly, he should not be using any hallucinogens until he matures. check out this post he made about acid in the grower's section:

    as you can tell, completely ridiculous.... dude, I don't know how old you are, but honestly you should just stay away from acid as well as any other drugs of that nature...
  13. aha! that kid is funny. Ive been looking for ye olde d-Lysergic acid Diethylamide for a couple years, and wouldnt you have guess, my friend who is in college now got some in the mail a couple days ago. Hes coming home in a week and im excited in trying it finally :hello:

    not much contribution to the thread, except for saying how I got it, sorry, but just telling my story

    OT: yeah, you definitley wont be able to make your own. Ive read that the cause of the decline in LSD availability and everything is due to the busts of 2 major LSD manufacturers who basically made a very, very large ammount of acid you would find. All the acid now typically impure and everything(I know, not speaking from experience). I wish there was a country where LSD is legal so it can be created by skilled chemists in a real lab like the legendary Sandoz company. "The psychedelic movement, which has been in eclipse for ten years, will remain dormant until people can get LSD of known strength and purity. Until then, if you are an acidhead, chances are you've never taken LSD." -- "LSD Purity" from High Times
  14. crazy. that is one reason why I usually don't like to mess with synthetics... all natural is the way to go for me most of the time...

  15. best advice anyone can give. its so true. that shit does more then just make you see stuff. it fucks with your head too. whatever yo do DONT TRIP ALONE! my god that shit fucked with me sooo bad. my head was in 30 different directions. and anytime i closed m eyes for a few mins id go on a "mental mind loop" which is so intense i cant explain it in words online. its like your trying to escape your own thoughts with "verbal" thoughts but after a min u stop and realize you cant ever break yourself from the loop unless you make a change.

    just so you know im tlaking about shrooms. try them befroe you just hit the acid.

    if you wanna see your life in a new perspective and see how you can make yourself better, then trip alone. before i tripped alone i had expierence with tripping. but its totally different if there isnt someone there to chill with. your mind goes into these insane loops. its more then just seeing shit. its a mind drug.
  16. Lol
    Walking around the ghetto for a couple hours wont do much but get you mugged.

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