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  1. hey uh, i heard that some drawing paper has acid in it. and i see alot of stuff that says "no acid" on it ect. so could i go to walmart or something pick pick up some and try it or... any thoughts?

    The acid that you are thinking of is LSD. Acid doesn't necessarily mean LSD...acid means any substance with a pH lower than 7.
  3. Just when you thought the questions couldn't get any worse...
  4. wow.... i think this is a new low
  5. :hello:
    if you eat a whole sketch pad you'll trip bawls. drinking some cyanide when you're done increases the high too....
  6. :rolleyes: :smoking:
  7. People like this are why I firmly believe some people should never have children.
  8. rofl ... my god that made me laugh..and im hung over ! :smoke:

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