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Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Ok, well tomorrow is halloween and i am deciding to get acid instead of shrooms. I can't wait, it's going to be soo awesome... I have a question though, does smoking weed before/while tripping make it more intense? Because i want to smoke weed right after i take the acid so i'm all happy and don't have bad thoughts, which might cause me to have a bad trip. And, since this is my first time doing acid, i might take a half hit, would that still work? aight that's all i wanted to ask. thanks.
  2. c'mon, someone help me out here. haha
  3. ive been trying to score some acid all week, for one night, doesnt look good however, but mab something wil turn up and i can rejoyce in my own world
  4. Don't worry about the won't make the acid more intense, but will help on the come down. Weed will smooth out any rough edges that the acid might give you. I haven't tripped on acid since 1975, but it is much weaker now, according to people that still trip. You'll have a great time on Halloween doing acid, but keep weed handy. If the trip gets too intense from all the costumes tonight, smoke some weed to level you off.
  5. so would i want to smoke near the end of my trip and that will lower my down?? or during the downer?
  6. Zoltron, your avatar is nuts lol.
  7. Yeah...coming down from an acid trip can be a little jaggedy, just not feeling too well [not nausea or anything, just blah]...& weed can smooth that out some, so I'd hold off of the weed until about 4-6 hrs into your trip, but you will enjoy this evening a lot...believe it!

    Thanks about the av...he is a hyper little dude, isn't he?

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