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  1. Tuesday night I did acid for the 3rd time. This time i took enough and had some good shit. Probably one of the best nights of my life for sure. It was crazy especially since me and my boy did it on campus at our school. Got more of it left over and was just wondering from people who have done it more, what should i do when i take it this time. Anything really cool anyone does while their on it. Going to do it again either tonight, tomorrow during the day, or tommorrow night.
  2. Acid Is The shit Bri,
  3. I know i was told that before and did not fully understand till i had the acid trip i had tuesday night. I cant wait to do it again, it is definitely the shit. What do you like to do when you are on it tho?
  4. i like drive around. haha got in a few accidents but im used to it now i know how to handle it.

    go to any party while im secretly on acid and just fuck around over there
  5. lol drive around and go to parties..i can't say i would recommend either of those. last time i started driving around the cid just kept coming on stronger and stronger so i pulled over and hung out in the woods for a while.

    personally i like to lay around and listen to music, go for walks in the woods, smoke, maybe have some nitrous if you feel like going waay out there.

    if you feel like a trippy night just hang out in a chill house, put on some music and start playing with glow sticks lol. gas stations seem to be packed with goofy trip toys:p
  6. go to the circus
  7. get a girlfriend, then drop

  8. i was up at a mountain party, on my first trip, and a definite seasoned vet of lsd trips was telling me about how perfect and amazing his gf was, but everytime he dropped in front of her, he would freak the fuck out. he refuses to have her around when he trips.

    just thought you might find that interesting. i personally completely disagree with him, i've only tripped around my "significant other" and have no complaints, only awesome and hilarious things to report back on.
  9. Go to a rave! THE most fun you'll ever have, lol...
  10. Your tolerance will be too high. Wait at least 3 days, MINIMUM. I usually wait 6 days, but that's just me.
  11. Get 50 or so different color glowsticks, open them up, pour them all over your body and look in the mirror
  12. yeah, its real different for everyone, me and my girl can take any drug together, things are kind of meant to be when you can both take 6 hits and still have GREAT sex.

  13. Man I must be a freak or something because whether it's trippin, rollin, whatever, sex was the farthest thing from my mind. We never did it just by ourselves though and I never would have thinking back.

    I would rather take a walk in the woods or go canoeing like we used to. Even when our girlfriends were trippin with us, it just wasn't something that we even thought of
  14. I have only done it twice, the first time was amazing, and the second was shortly after a shroom trip so I didn't really feel much. I am really really waiting until my next trip :) I love it
  15. Definitely go see a concert. A few suggestions: Lotus, Panic, Medeski, Greyboy Allstars, Galactic, Yonder, etc. Just to name a few of sooooo many good bands.

    Another thing that I like to do sometimes is sit down with a couple small canvas poster things and a pack of 29 sharpies and go to town. I am in no way an artistic person but when I draw while on acid, I make some crazy shit. And it's cool because while you're drawing the colors are running like mad and doin all sorts of crazy shit haha.
  16. Become one with yourself, nature, and all of existence.

    Become a single vibration, and ride the cosmic wave. :smoking:
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