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  1. So Would one tab or one drop be good for a first time or do I need two?
  2. stick to one first time....have a seccond if you think that you are goin to need it....but i wouldnt have the seccond till u know wat its like......
  3. You definately don't need two, but just so you know, it's not like you're gonna die or anything. If you took two hits, you'd be fucked up, but you'd be fine.
  4. Alright Thanks :D
  5. Fuck I wanna try acid. Can't get a plug in the bay? Come on :(
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    I'm supposed to be getting some this week. Possibly tonight but with my luck it probably won't be til' later in the week.

    Edit: For your first time just take one. A lot of people take one, wait, then take another because they don't think it was enough. Then before they know it they're in way deeper than they wanted to be. Don't underestimate the power of LSD. If you think your first experience wasn't strong enough there's plenty of time to try it again with a higher dose.
  7. take one tab, wait an hour or an hour and a quarter, see how you feel. if you think you can handle more take another tab.

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