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  1. so i triped on acid once, ate one tab and i fried pretty good, if i didnt pay attention i would forgot i took it and things would creep me out, untill i told myself i was fine...blah blah, and it all went well, couldnt sleep the whole night after.

    so if i ate half a strip would that give me a mild acid high or would i not even notice it, anyone like to take acid in small doses?and not fry ball?

    just seeing opinions on the matter
  2. should give you a small high. Just go for it, you dont know untill you try it.
  3. Btw how much is a tab of acid?
  4. Like 10 bucks
  5. ya 10 bucks
  6. Mmm, ill have to try it soon then. How long does the trip last?
  7. depending how strong it is, anywhere from 9-13 hours
  8. WoW, then its harsh worth the 10 bucks. :rolleyes:
  9. its weird, somthing so small can make u trip out
  10. if i was to take blotter would i just let it dissolve on my tongue? or can you swallow it,?
  11. What i normally do, is place the blotter underneath my tongue for a good 20-35 minutes, but yeah you CAN swallow it if you want to
  12. do you still get the same effects if you swallow it?
  13. honestly don't know, but i would assume it might take slightly longer to absorb into your body through your stomach
  14. haha i remember this kid was bitchin at my friend cause he sold him a hit of cid, and he swallowed it, and was sayin it was fake. ik it was real cause i was wiggin balls. just keep that shit on ur tongue for as long as u can
  15. haha alright thanks
  16. i just got some acid, and i was told to disolve it under my tounge to get the best effect.

    and i am testing my have blotter idea, tell you how it goes later
  17. How long does it take to start feeling the effects after putting the paper on your tounge?
  18. Any where from 30 minutes to three hours.

    If you want a really insane experience, take two tabs, and about 12 hours after you FIRST start to feel it (You'll be peaking or coming down) Take a third one.

    Did that my first time and I tripped for a good 44 hours.
  19. 44 hour damn, i tryed to test my half tab theory(reason i started this)
    and ended up eating 3 tabs total threw out the night and now im here 945am:smoke:

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