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  1. Does anybody know what the average strength of one drop from a vial is? how many ugs in each drop?

    it may be different for all vials but im jw.
  2. it differs for everyone, almost impossible to tell without the proper equipment but as a rule of thumb, it's generally accepted that one drop is good enough to trip face.
  3. haha ok good thanks
  4. do you know if it's diluted at all or not? i mean, it probably is but it would be good to see if it's diluted at all and what a decent dosage would be.
  5. usaully 1ML=1ooMG,.
    Around here atleast.
  6. 100ug I hope.
  7. I'm in Chicago and will be your guinea pig ;) But yea one drop is enough to be where you want to be if the doses are at all decent. Two is all the more fun :cool:

    I'm not crazy enough to try 100mg of lsd ;)
  8. 1 drop can also be shitty. just matters how potent your shit is. and yea its measured in micrograms not milligrams.

  9. Yeah, i i couldnt find the little u...

    Well no the "u". the little "u" thingie.
  10. On average, one drop is a kazillion hits, give or take a million.
  11. u never know because it could be watered down from the original chemist and cooker anyways
  12. You can never tell because liquid LSD is almost always diluted. It depends on the size of the molecule, but if I remember my chemistry right, one drop is about 50 microliters. I'd have to some stoichiometric calculations, but I bet one drop of pure LSD is a powerful dose.

    The easiest way to determine a concentration is by acid-base titration, but you'd need some precise instruments, since we're dealing with micro-units.
  13. Its called a 'mu'.
  14. okay thanks for the responses guys!

    now i know i cant be sure how strong it is till i try it... Well on
    Saturday me and my friend will each take one hit. The hits were put on the small candies called "Bottle Caps"

    ill let u know how it goes

  15. then i couldnt find the moo
  16. pronounced MEW lol

    alex i love pkmn

  17. µ

    : ]
  18. the only form 'pure lsd' comes with is a crystal... If you actually have that much pure lsd, it will form a solid...

    they dilute the pure crystals into liquid. A standard is 100mics per drop, but thats not always 100% true.

    but if you have lsd in a vial, its not pure because its diluted into a liquid
  19. Try one drop, Let us know how it went! Go from there
  20. Well, it is always very very very diluted. If it is legit liquid lsd though, there is a good chance of one drop packing a punch that will leave you smashed.

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