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Discussion in 'General' started by TheBigDogg, May 11, 2006.

  1. I plan on tripping on some fine Acid in a few days. Where are some good general places to go? Places that you can probably find in many states and whatnot, seeing as we are all not from the same place. Thanks.
  2. woods woods woods woods woods. daylight is cool too. woods. or a natural maze if you can find one. woods. open fields are great for spiritual journeys. woods. dont be inside with people you dont care for. woods. and try to walk around for a bit enjoy the nature and then let everything sink in. woods.
  3. wow scooby, thanks for the idea, BUT i dont know if i would survive in the woods for a 8 hour trip lol. I live on a farm, but it never crossed my mind to do it outside, sounds awesome. The first time i try acid that might be where now
  4. i beleive acid AND mushrooms are both taken with a spoonfull of mother nature, makes the trip so much better imo

  5. then whats the point man? you gotta lose yourself to know the meaning of life. run at the edge and jump.

    but i agree with just wanting to laugh your ass off too. farms are key, and make sure to notice nature. we dont enough in our daily life. which is silly, cuz we are nature. we came from it. why ignore it/destroy it/not care for it?
  6. im gettin 4 tabs on saterday n ima trp inside for the first time n watch things melt hHA
  7. Its really strange this convo is going on to be honest, Cause as i woke up this morning, i get a message from a dealer i havent heard from in a while. it said. "booms" thats it lol. So i got 25 bucks to get a half quarter Tom, BUT then tonight my friend larry said, can u get acid? how much? i said 5 a hit, he said he wants 6, 3 for me 3 for him. and were gonna go buy that tom. SO im gonna have some awesome hallucinigens around. Now i need 20 bucks to get some ex since i havent done that. Do it all at oncelol

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