Acid Panaroia?

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  1. Ive taken acid three separate times now(each was sugar cube) , and have never experienced a "trip" from it.
    The first two attempts i took one cube of it, and then the time today i took two of them.

    I took the two hits about 3 and a half hours ago, and i hav ent experienced anything "trippy"
    Ive smoked salvia before and tripped really hard off that, but ive never tripped acid.

    DO i need more or is there something wrong with me?
  2. Maybe your getting sold duds man
  3. ive talked to people who gotten it from the same source, and they said its been fine..i was actually there while he was tripping...damn asian kid thought there were snakes all over him.

  4. is it possible that im making myself not trip by doubting it?
  5. Haha awesome

    Well I think some people just don't react the same way.. I seriously had this friend who ate molly with me on 3 separate occasions in a week and he never said he felt anything out of the ordinary. I was like what the hell man. I rolled balls every time.
  6. it sounds like bunk acid unless you have some rare immunity to it. the guy could be selling them good acid and you bunk acid
  7. The same thing happened to my friend. We would take the same acid and I would trip balls and she wouldn't feel a damn thing. Finally, one day we decided she was going to fucking trip and we just kept upping the dose. She finally tripped at 3.5 hits and she tripped hard. I think she got the full effect of a first time acid user taking 3.5 hits.

    If you take enough you will definitely trip, but you might not ever be able to have a comfortable trip. She hasn't done it since and I would think that she will never be able to trip on a dose less potent than 3.5 hits but that's just speculation.

  8. Terrible advice.

    Just sayin'.
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    I'm not recommending doing what she did. When my friend and I were trying to get her to trip we didn't think she would get the full 3.5 hits. We had tried on a few different occasions and just given up. But that one night we thought if 1, 2, then 3 hits still had no effect three hours later she must somehow bizarrely have some sort of tolerance to the stuff and she would probably have a weak trip but that wasn't the case. It was ignorance more than heroics.

    I thought that by describing the experience as a first time user taking 3.5 hits it would be clear that the experience was difficult and overwhelming for her.

    All I'm saying is I don't think he can negate acid just by thinking he can and I don't think that anyone can be immune to it at a high enough dose.
  10. Nothing wrong with uping the dosage just be careful and take 1 to 2 hours between hits. LSD is not all created equal. There are different types that do different things which is why I think certain dosages don't work the same. Back in the old days there was big differences in your reactions to Yellow Sunshine, Purple Microdot,Window pane and all the others. Just be careful and have a good sitter there thats sober when she finally takes
  11. Sounds to me like its not legit, or its very weak. Try upping the dose?

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