Acid, Oxy,DANKK

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Hexagon minDZZ, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Ok so i was planning on getting half a vial of real potent liquid tonight but dude didnt answer so i thought it was a no-go.

    I was pretty down about that so i decided to pick up 5 oxy 80's.

    I blew half an 80 and right after i did that i got the call for the liquid!

    I went and picked up the vial and i dropped 3 at his house.

    So here i am smokin some Northern lights outta my new HVY perc'd bong waiting for these bad boys to kick in!

    I will be doing a live trip report and i will post up throughout the night.

    Whats GC up to tonight?
  2. looks like your gonna have a good time tonite

    i like perc'd bongs the best.. i think they look way cooler than anything else... my 4 perc bluedot was cool... damn..
  3. lucky lucky lucky!!!

    good vibes your way brotha i wish i was in your shoes! :wave:

  4. Haha keep up on your trip report maan, your hella lucky lol
  5. lol wont hear from dude til 2morro, hes probly on cloud 9
  6. sounds like a very good night
    will check back in for the trip report
    good vibes to ya man:smoke:
  7. So its beden about an hour since i dosed and i smoked a few bowls witha buddy of mine.

    I was feelin hella good and gthen it just hit me .

    I think im about to do a line
  8. Good vibes your way man! I wish I could accompany you on such an occasion! :D
  9. fuckin trippin out just went on a walk and it was hot lol fckkk
  10. sounds fckin awesome man wish i could drop rite now.........
  11. Nice man good vibes!!
  12. just did a line of some oxy noddin out too,. the colors are amazing and im eating some gummy worms.

    QWalking around campus is amazing. music sounds raadddd
  13. im gettin some heady doses tomrrow. I cant eat anything on doses. my throat refuses to swallow even water. Maybe gummy worms will do the trick because they are sooo damn good
  14. dude your typings fucked up haha
  15. what a fuckin badass combo you got going!
    hope you've had a good night sir!
  16. Had a fuckin awesome night! Ended up doing like 100-120mg oxy and 6 hits last night. I just woke up and snorted 50mg adderall and smoked a bunch of dank outta the bong. Feelin fine! Bout to do a little oxy and go to class. =D

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