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Discussion in 'General' started by emrandel, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Yo... SWIM and his buddy are picking up 1-2 sheets of acid between today and tomorrow and SWIM'll be honest that SWIM has never bought this much acid before. How much should I expect to pay for a sheet? SWIM has payed anywhere from $0 to $22 a hit but usually between $6 and $10 and he just isn't sure what to expect for a discount in large quantities. It'd be nice if SWIM has some back up info from some blades to make sure he can get his 'Cid for as cheap as possible.

    P.S. - Don't worry it's going to a good cause of SWIM's... he's going to get him and all his friend fucked up for hours on end.

    P.P.S. - I've officially been tripping for 24 hours and the final burn out has just kind of worn off from taking a hot-cold-hot-cold shower.
  2. i dunno im kinda lost, i usually dont buy acid that much but.. i think what your lookin for is acid around here sells for $5-15 a hit.. but i dunno man

    edit - 500 posts lol!! :smoking:
  3. I'm just trying to figure out how low he can start because this dude buys in such HUGE amounts that he can easily throw around the price, but I'm not sure how much. A sheet is definetly under $500... I'm thinking somewhere around $300-$350. I wish someone who had experience with sheets would tune in before he/she dropped out...
  4. ok, i cant take it anymore, could somebody please explain to me who or what swim is, i've heard it referred to so much in meth cooking how to's and alot of other illegal shit, so what the fuck does SWIM mean god fucking damnit:smoke:

    and we gotta add the hoppie dude too cuz i got the robo legs :hello:
  5. Don't worry, Neg, i don't know either.

  6. SWIM refers to the acronym "someone who isn't me". By doing this, the poster avoids any self-incriminating posts when referring to illegal activity. I have seen this used on other drug websites and was asking the same question at first. Its weird, some sites insist that you use the acronym for all drug talk whereas others (such as gc) don't seem to have any policy on it.

  7. it's so they don't say I and shit cause they are paranoid i think you know what i mean...

    SWIM and his buddy are getting a kilo of coke
    Me and my buddy are getting a kilo of coke
  8. Yeah... well, I'm not gonna lie... I'm gonna trip a lot of acid tonight. Like 12 hits or so maybe. 10... who knows, peace.
  9. Wow 12 fucking hits. That must be some shit acid if you are planning on taking that much. 3 hits of good acid and I'm already at the point where I start having really bad trips and am completely tripping my fucking head off. I really wouldn't recommend taking that much.
  10. sffan34 - Yep, this acid I have right now isn't very great. I took about 3 hits and sucked the rest of the vial dry 2 nights ago and had a nice trip... nothing crazy though. The hardest part is to just find a high quality, consistent hook-up. Most people I've heard of getting really good acid have it mailed to them.

    I wish there was a mail-order acid service where you could just order from a huge variety of blotters.

  11. It´s good to know that Im not the only one here... lol couldn´t figure out who THE FUck was Swim
  12. He has it mailed to him?

    Like um...from the internet? Or is that how he recieves it - just thru mail from dealer??
  13. bodom - I'm pretty sure he just has a buddy (probably in Canada) who mails it to him. Blotter is so easy to mail, drug dogs can't sniff it and it's incredibly easy to conceal. He could be sending a bottle of perfume and just have it full to the brim with liquid LSD... that'd be thousands and thousands of hits right there. I mean, the possibilities are endless. He could just put a couple of sheets in an envelope/greeting card and send it via the mail. The can't search every single piece of mail, especially envelopes.

    I was just saying that I WISH there was a mail-order service via the internet like there is for weed.

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