acid anybody?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Victor_Navorski, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. blotter collection

  2. im insanely jealous right now..i havent had good doses in almost a year. the Allman Bros and Ratdog are coming to NY on the 19th though and im hoping to start a little collection myself.
  3. You are a lucky man (or woman?)
  4. man i wish you lived in my town
  5. I finally found this shit and I guess I now have to wait until next week. My closest friends are tripping right now and I'm at home, sober, wishing I was in their shoes. It fucking sucks.
  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww e wowww thats alotta acid
  7. yall get some purdy lucy up there in canuck country.

    boys round here are more concerned with quality than presentation.

    thats awesome man.
  8. presentation, lol its not hard to print blotter

    ty im pretty stoked
  9. wow :eek:
    have fun
  10. I really like that Mr. Clean blotter in your sig!! How was it? :hippie:
  11. you bitch... you should send me the mr clean blotter, since you have so much =D
  12. I can taste it
  13. mr clean was awesome but i believe the hunabs are the strongest in the pic, i havent had the chance to dose any yet but i hear good things:hello:
  14. the mrclean i got was shit.

    So not clean.
  15. My entire city is almost completely dry. I am extremely envious right now :(
  16. Lucky lucky man. How many tabs is that? +rep for lsd, and for saving some to enjoy on special occasions, that's how I roll too (well, that's how I trip, and roll usually, haha)

    Think you could fax me a ten-strip? lol
  17. this is quite old btw guys.
  18. Didn't even notice. Fucking nice pics though, wonder how all those trips went. It's weird/crazy to look at psychedelics (esp large amounts) and think of all the power they hold...ya know?
  19. I think i got the same mr. clean ones. Where in canada might you be?

  20. New brunswick.

    Was yours crappy as fuck too?

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