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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by rileyman6678, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Ok so this morning i had some placement tests so i decided to take an aderall. I have 2 hits of acid right now. Would it be safe to take them if the adderal is still kicked in? Would it cause a bad trip?
  2. If anything being scared of a bad trip will give you a bad trip. It won't cause you to have a bad trip more than any other drug might. Just stay positive and don't expect the undesirable, or better yet don't expect anything. Go with the flow.
  3. If you took the adderal in the morning, the effects should have tapered off by now, so it shouldn't really affect the trip.
  4. But any idea if the adderall will affect the trip in any way?
  5. Also what is the best way to take the hit of acid?
  6. trust me dont do this. i took 6 hits of acid with dexedrine and believe me you do not want to mix a stimulant with acid. i felt like i had been struck by lightenining and that my heart would explode at any time. i felt like that for about 8 hours. i was shaking, it looked like i was convulsing and it was the worst trip of my life. i couldnt sit still at all and i was having a million thoughts a second all of which were unpleasant.
  7. But the effect has pretty much died down, is it still safe? Also, i have pretty high tolerance for aderall and it is my first time with acid.
  8. i just wouldnt mix it but do what you want. mixing a stimulant with a psychedelic can be unpredictable. id save the acid for another day. i feel like crap when i come down off adderall so i def wouldnt drop any cid right now if i were you.

  9. Why would you wanna trip on acid for your first time in combination with any drug? It doesn't matter if the effects of adderall wore off, drug metabolites produced by your liver can combine very powerfully with other drugs. If you ask me, mixing acid for your first time with anything is just stupid.
  10. ya i think im going to try.
    what is the best way to take acid?
  11. no more than 2 hits of acid and adderrall would make for a helluva fun time.

    Safe, definitely.

    Fun? depends on you.
  12. eating it, its probably a gel capsule or a sugar cube or a blotter tab, all of which you eat.
  13. youve obviously never candy flipped. granted, adderall+lsd doesnt = candyflipping but combining acid and mdma (perhaps with a lil meth in the pill) is the best feeling i know.

    the reason you felt like that was probably the fact that lsd synergizes well with the right chems extending its normal duration and/or increasing the intensity.
  14. anyway i took the 2 hits. is it safe to take lsd on an empty stomach or no?
  15. no i havent candyflipped but mdma is a whole lot different then amphetamine. when im on mdma i could give a fuck about my blood pressure and heart rate cuz i feel too good to care even if i was dying but on speed im paranoid as fuck which increases my anxiety which in turn increases my heartrate and bp. it was just a nasty feeling, dark, depraved and sinister. it was bad vibes man. hope OP has fun.
  16. Fuck that... coming down off adderall and tripping wouldn't mix well at all.
  17. i want some acid man i'll pay money if someone will mail me some LOL

  18. Even with weed? I don't know if I agree that taking it with "anything" is a poor idea.
  19. i'll fax you a sheet of my best blotter right now, what's your fax number?
  20. ahaha damn. beat me to it :D

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