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    Hey guys...last night i stumbled upon a pretty good game on the internet that one of our new GC members scored the all-time high score for that i decided to find games on the internet that are pretty addicting and im going to share them with the great people on GC...

    i just found this one...isnt as good as shopping cart hero but here it is

    my personal best is 16,097 (will update it)...which is really shitty but i have a laptop pad thing so...take a stab at it
    (Edit: all time high score is 270,686)

    the thread with shopping cart hero is right here

    feel free to post links to games you like
  2. I like stormwinds, the lost campaigns fun shooter.

    sonny 2 is pretty fun, so is sonny 1. They got boring to me after a bit though. These are probably the 2 best RPG flash games out there.

    hands of war, an action RPG

    monsters den, book of dread is supposed to be pretty tight. I only played a bit so far, seems alright.

    super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 3 is bad ass. Very fun.

    Talesworth arena is pretty fun too (another RPG like game, you fight in an arena and also sometimes get missions and puzzles). This one is pretty unique.

    I recommend checking all those out :)
    I play a lot of flash games... heh

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