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  1. Hello everyone! This will now be my 3rd run in my PC case. So far I ran a Crystal dwarf from freedom of seeds and Auto Purple from original sensible seeds. Posted another thread for the auto purple with some finishing bud shots.
    I've always been more of an indica guy but when I saw that fellas at ace seeds produced their first autoflowering variety with old school African sativa genetics. I had to get at least give it a run. Here's the official description:

    We present ACE Seeds' first 100% autoflowering strain: Auto Malawi x Northern Lights.

    Sativa/indica hybrid of excellent vigor and structure, producing a huge main cola and powerful side branches loaded with well resinous buds, its production and quality will surprise even the most experienced autoflowering growers.

    The first version of this hybrid produces 3 main phenotypes. The first, more indica phenotype matures in just 8 weeks since the flowering is started, producing an average yield. The second phenotype (the most interesting in our opinion) produces potent sativa/indica plants (with a flowering of about 9 weeks and a half), of huge yield, very complex terpene profiles, abundant resin production and excellent flower/leaf ratio. The third and final phenotype develops in flowering an almost pure sativa expression (so it usually needs about 10-12 weeks of flowering), allowing the autoflowering growers to experience with very sativa african phenotypes, quite rare in current autoflowering strains.

    Auto Malawi x Northern Lights is more influenced by Purple Malawi phenotypes than other Malawi crosses, oftenly showing beautiful purple and pink tones at the end of flowering.

    The terpene profiles are fragrant and complex. The aromas in flowering can vary between Petit Suisse and strawberry yogurt (in the more sativa Purple Malawi phenotypes), and fruit juice (pineapple, pear, peach) in the better yielding green sativa/indica phenotypes. The most extreme sativa phenotypes have woodier aromas and a longer flowering time.

    As usual with autoflowering strains, Auto Malawi x Northern Lights starts to flower after 4 or 5 weeks from germination, regardless of the indoor photoperiod or outdoor season, allowing it to mature properly in latitudes far from the equator, where the photodependent strains start to bloom too late to mature correctly.

    It can also be cultivated in mid-latitude climates, finishing in summer time when it is started in spring, months ahead of the usual autumn harvest of the photodependent strains.

    Excellent adaptability to indoor growing, where it can be flowered and harvested next to the mothers with a growing photoperiod, and thus to be able to obtain a harvest without having to prepare another growing area with different photoperiods, as it happens with the photodependent strains.

    OK, so I'm a little late with this thread it's day 15 from sprout LST'd yesterday to reduce height slightly and expose a little more light to side branches for upcoming stretch. The last pic is the side branch development. Pretty impressive for such a young plant. Hoping for the best thanks everyone!

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  2. Looks like it's off to a good start,
  3. Damn she's big for a 15 day old! Nice! Sounds like an awesome strain. Sub'd
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  4. Thanks chainmaker just gave her first nutrient feeding on day 14 so growth should explode in the coming weeks
  5. I know Fleshbeard! Could mean a good yield is coming. Thanks subbing
  6. Shes a beaut so far.
  7. UPDATE: 21 days old official start of week #4. Gave her second nutrient watering today. 2.0 ml per liter with .5 ml per liter of ph up. Responding nicely. The side branches are really developing now. It's like a mini jungle under the canopy!

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  8. UPDATE: Start of week #5. She is doing well everything is really green. A little droopy I've noticed nothing to worry about yet unless it gets worse. Pre-flowers have popped up so officially in flower mode! Gave 2.5 ml/Liter of grow with 1.0 ml/Liter of bloom.

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  9. UPDATE: Start of week #6. Well, she's not doing to good guys. She's screaming for a larger pot size and more space both which I cannot give her:(. New growth is coming in green and flowering is progressing but I believe she is root bound because I can see a couple roots trying to find more space near drainage holes. Yellowing of lower fans leaves has starting and leaves droopy. I'm hoping she will pull through till harvest but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

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  10. What size pot is that PC ? looks like a 3 gal. my bubbleicous was in a 12x6x6 clay pot ...and she was root-bound for sure and i backed off my nutes some, bout like yours, 5 1/2 - 6 weeks.i did 2 flushes (1 gal) per week and it helped mine alot.Another problem i had was temp fluct because of such a small grow space.What kinda temps u running? She looks like she has gotten hot but
    She is still a beauty
  11. I'm pretty sure it's only a 1 gallon pot. I've grown 2 other autos in the exact same pot and had no issues. I believe that the malawi genetics really call for a larger root zone to thrive properly. I should have started her in a 3 gallon and topped her. But hindsight is 20/20 lol. Oh and no temp issues have a proper intake and out take keeps the box at a good temp.
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  12. U have a circulation fan?
  13. I have 4 PC fans wired to 1 9v battery. 1 fan at the bottom for intake another 1 at the top blowing under the lights towards fans number 3 and 4 that are glued to outtake where a carbon filter is
  14. Week 7: She has bounced back slightly in the last week. Leaves are less droopy but yellowing is still progressing earlier and faster than I'd like. I'm more optimistic that she will make it. Side branches are ridiculous. Can tell this strain is a very high yielder for her size. Flowers are looking more prevalent

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  15. Week 8: In full budding mode. I'm happy with the development of the flowers. Maturing at a good rate. It doesn't appear the yellowing has slowed down flowering processes. Now I'm not tripping as much over it. I'm estimating around 4 weeks to go.

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  16. Week 9: She's really putting on her weight. Buds are swelling and starting to smell. The smell is not a carbon filter killer. Very nice sweet pleasant scent with that classic dank undertone. I believe I have the indica pheno. Thanks to everyone who has stayed tuned we are almost there!

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  17. Thanks man
    Not sure exactly but im pretty sure it was at the end of week 4. So this would be her 5th week in flower. Looking like a 12 week strain altogether. Which would match the indica pheno in the strian description.
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  18. Well good job so far.

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    Harvested today! Day 75
    Checked her trichomes and they were mostly cloudy with a few small patches of amber. Smells as I stated earlier just a little bit stronger. Will be interesting to see after the cure what the terpene profile will be. Nice amount of trichomes on her and a good yield of dense buds. She was only a 1 1/2 feet tall. Let me know what you guys think. Hope this encourages someone to try this strian

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