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Discussion in 'General' started by spade1, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I made a stumbleupon account for anyone who's high.

    So basically I only use stumbleupon when I'm stoned and so it's learned what I like when I'm high and so that's all it gives me, so it just has a lot of great stuff to look at while high.

    I had the idea to make a similar account and then share it with the world. This way anyone who's high, anywhere in the world, as long as they hav internet acces they can sign into stumbleupon and just see page after page of awesome things. But not only will it be available to everyone, it will be effected by everyone. Anyone will be able to vote up or down on the pages they see (thats just how stumbleupon works). The account will keep learning and keep adapting. It will become the product of everyone. It will have everything that is great for smoking. So, here is the account info, I've started it going a bit, sign on, stumble around, do some voting, tell your friends, spread this, but most importantly, stay lit my friends.

    password: welovemary
  2. good idea bro imma check it out. never been on stumble upon but this is a cool way to check it out cuz the accounts already there lol
  3. Great idea man I haven't stumbled in a while. I'll check it out. Thanks

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